10 Best Games For Janamashtami Kitty Party


Today I am compiling all my janamashtami games at one place so as to help you arranging your Janamashtami Theme Kitty Party.

Best Janamashtami Games For Kitty Party

1.Dahi Handi

Dahi handi is a famous activity usually done in Janamashtami so this game suits the theme best. In this game you have to take a small matki and add dahi (curd), milk and water in it. Also add small items like buttons, fruits, candies, bangles etc. Keep different points for each item. Now the challenge for the members is to use one hand and take out items from the matki. Each member will get only one chance. Count total points according to the items they get and the member with highest point will be the winner.

2. Janamashtami Tambola Story

Tambola is one of the most commonly loved and played games in ladies kitty party in India. Janamashtami Tambola Story is one of the Best Janamashtami Games For Kitty Party and will suit the best for your kitty party in the month of August. This is a story based on Lord Krishna which has 1-90 numbers in it. Check the Janamashtami Story Here.

3 .Janamashtami Tambola Ticketkrishna janamashtami tambola ticket

This is a simple tambola ticket designed specially for Janamshtami Theme Kitty Party. In this ticket the dividends are Kanha ki radha, kanha ki gaiya, kanha ki bansuri, kanha ki matki and the full house is Baanke Bihari Laal Ki Jai. You can download the plain Janamashtami Tambola Ticket Here.

4. Jai Shree Krishna

This is a one minute play game for your Janamashtami Kitty Party. Here the challenge is to write Jai Shree Krishna using match sticks in one minute. The member who writes it maximum times in one minute will be the winner. Check the image below for reference.

one minute play game janamashtam ikitty party

5. Khojiye Krishna Naam aur Paiye Inam

This is a one minute party game in Hindi where the challenge is to find different names of Lord Krishna in a given word grid. The lady who finds maximum names in one minute will be the winner. You can download the game sheet here.

6. Krishna Balraam

In this game the ladies will be given a game sheet with a picture of Lord Krishna and his brother Balraam and the challenge is to find the 12 differences between the two pictures. You can download the game sheet here.

7. Krishna Tambola Ticket For Janamashtamikrishna janamashatami tambola ticket coppy

This tambola ticket has a few lines from a famous Krishna bhajan. You just have to download the ticket and write the tambola numbers over it. You can play this tambola with regular housie board and numbers. You can download the plain tambola tickets here.

8 Krishna Bhajan Leela- 

This is again a paper game for Krishna Janamashtami Theme where the challenge for ladies is to write famous songs from Bollywood based on Lord Krishna. This a one minute game and the member who writes maximum number of Krishna Songs will be the winner.

9. Dress Up Lord Krishnakrishna janamashtami kitty party game

This is a one minute play game where you have to call two members at a time to play. Give them the attire of Lord krishna including the dress, jewellery items, murli, etc. The couple who takes minimum time to dress up lord krishna will be the winner.

10. Kanha Ki Meerakanha ki meera janamashtami game

In this game you have to take many flowers, needles and an idol of Lord Krishna. The challenge is to make the garland using the flowers and put it on Lord Krishna’s idol. Give flowers, needle and thread to every member and keep the idol at a set distance. As the time starts, the members will have to start making the garland (mala) and put it in Lord’s neck. The rule here is that they have to use all set number of flowers and the lady who puts her garland first will be the winner. These are 10 Best Janamashtami Games For Kitty Party.





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