5 Best Teej Kitty Party Games For July August Kitty Party


July has already half gone and I am getting many requests and messages to post the Teej games for this season. So here is my post of 5 best Teej kitty party games for this month and the next month as well.

5 Best Teej Kitty Party Games

  1. Bangles and Coins

Bangles have special importance in the Teej and thus this game will suit your Teej theme kitty party. To play this game you need some coins and some bangles. This is an individual game and you have to call the members one by one to play this game. You have to take the coins of Rs 1, 2, 5 and 10 and make the piles. Now the challenge for the members is to throw the bangles on the piles and their score will be according to the number of coins which come under the bangles.

Watch this video to learn more about this game.

2. Teej Queen 

In this game, the host will recite a small poem on Teej and all members will write down their points accordingly. The member who gets the maximum points by the end of the poem will be the Teej queen.

Here is the poem to select the Teej Queen

  • Milkar karenge hum ek mazedaar kaam,Hai to yeh ek khel magar iska nahi koi naam. 
  • Sakhiyo aj manayenge hum Teej ki khushiya,Milenege 5 points jisne peheni hai matching jutiya 
  • Agra heel hain badha lo points 6, gata lo seedhe 10 agar jutiya kaali hain 
  • Chanchanati payal dilwayengi apko number 9, aur 4 aur bante hain agar apke baal khule ho. 
  • Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jaano ramesh babu, dilwayega use yeh 8 jiski maang par yeh saja ho
  • Milenge 10 number agar apne mangalsutra hai pehena, Aur ghata lo 5 agar nahi hai yeh gehena. 
  • Mehandi ke milenge alag se 10 number, aur 10 aur jod lo agar 24 se zyada chudiya hain haatho par. 
  • Kaano mein lambe jhumke ke milenge number 4, Aur kaat lo 2 safety pin ke har baar 
  • Saree walo ko milenge number 8 (aath), Aur payenge 4 agar matching purse ho saath 
  • 3 number humne rakhe hain lambe nails ke, 3 aur milenge agar saje hai who matching nail paint se 
  • Khatam ho gayi kavita saari, Jiske ho sabse zyada points aage aajaye sakhi who pyari.

3. Choodi Mahal

In this game, members have to make a beautiful castle using the bangles. Since it is very difficult to balance the bangles, we will use the disposable glasses for making it. The members have to first cover the glass with bangles and then use to make the castle so, in the end, it should look like a choodi mahal. This is basically a team game and the team who makes the best and biggest castle will be the winner of this game.

4.Laal Hari

This is again a bangles related game and is an individual game with the one-minute time limit. In this game, you will bring a box full of mixed colored bangles and then transfer this box to each member one by one to play the game. The challenge for the members in this game is to wear the bangles in a particular order, that is, one red bangle and one green bangle, two red bangles, and two green bangles, then tree red bangles and three green bangles and so on. So, the member who wears the maximum number of bangles in one minute will be the winner of this game. Make sure you bring the biggest size of the bangles so that every member can play the game.

Watch the video below to know more about this game

Musical Teej Game

This will be a Teej Paper Game for your Teej theme kitty party where the members have to write the hindi songs with any of our jewelry or cosmetic items like payal, choodi, bindi, laali, kaajal etc etc. The member or the team who writes the maximum number of songs will be the winner.

So, these were my 5 Best Teej Kitty Party Games, and if you are planning a teej theme kitty party, you do not need to check anything else. Just keep these 5 games and you are good to go.

Happy teej 🙂





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