One Minute Games For Monsoon Theme Party

one minute games monsoon theme party

One Minute Games Monsoon Theme Party. Monsoon has hit almost every corner of India and ladies are planning to throw the monsoon theme parties at their place. No party can be entertaining and enjoyable without the one minute party games and today I am adding some interesting and funny one minute games monsoon theme party.

One Minute Games Monsoon Theme Party

1. Frozen Coins-  This one minute game for  the monsoon theme party. To make this big ice cube of coins take a big vessel filled of water and add some coins in it . Freeze it. Add some water and more coins after 6 hrs and so on. Make two three layers of coins so that it becomes even harder to take out the coins. Keep the frozen cube in the middle and give one toothbrush to each member. They have to  scrub the cube and chip out the coins! You can also play this game in teams. Divide your guests into teams and give each team a frozen coins tub.

2. Rain based songs- This is a paper party game and you will need some plain papers and pens for this game. Give each member a paper and ask them to write the rain based bollywood songs in one minute. The member writing maximum number of songs in one minute will be the winner of the game.

3. Rainbow tag : You can pin up a small circle of any rainbow colour on each guest’s back. When the party starts ,you have to ask the guests to collect the rainbow colours from each guests’ back ,without them getting to know. If they find you stealing the the colour from their back, you are out of the game. The person who smartly collects the maximum number of the rainbow colours by the end of the party is the winner. This is one of the best One Minute Games Monsoon Theme Party.

4. Complete the snacks menu- This is an interesting game and everyone in the kitty party can play this game simultaneously. We all know that evening snacks play a very important role in monsoon season and thus we will include the snacks items for this game. You have to make a few chart papers in which you will write the snacks items. for example-

  1. Tea- Pakode,
  2. Pakode- Chutney,
  3. Chutney-Cutlet,
  4. Cutlet- Sauce,
  5. Sauce- Kabab,
  6. Kabab-Dahi,
  7. Dahi-Wada,
  8. Wada-Sambhar,
  9. Sambhar-Idli
  10. Idli-Dosa
  11. Dosa-Coconut Chutney
  12. Coconut Chutney-Punnu Gullu
  13. Punnu Gullu- Tomato Chutney
  14. Tomato Chutney- Cheese Balls
  15. Cheese Balls- Mayonnaise
  16. Mayonnaise- Momos
  17. Momos- Chilly Sauce
  18. Chilly Sauce- Manchurian
  19. Manchurian-Soup
  20. Soup-Omlette
  21. Omelette-Tea

Make 4 charts and write 5 combinations in each, as these are 21 snack items write 6 combination in 4th chart. Paste all the chart papers in four corner of the party hall. Make sure you jumble up the combinations. Give a paper and pen to each member, now when the time starts, each member will run and start writing the snacks in right order. They have to start at Tea and finish at Tea. I hope I am clear with the game. Do ask me if you have any doubt in this game or any other one minute games monsoon theme party.

5. Word Search One Minute Game Monsoon Theme Party

This is a simple word search game. The words grid below contains 11 words related to monsoons and rainy season. The kitty members or the guests will get only one minute to search those words from the grid. You can download the game sheet and the answer sheet from  the download buttons below. If in any case you are unable to download the sheets, do let me know so that I can mail you the sheets separately.

one minute games monsoon theme party

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]



  1. Hi there , I like your page and games…as I have kitty party on 20 aug…it’s in lounge…I m bit confused in theme…can u suggest any theme according to place and games too.


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