10 Interesting Games For Teacher’s Day Celebration


Teacher’s Day falls on 5th of September every year and is celebrated with a great zeal worldwide. Teacher’s Day celebration includes funny games, dance, music, and much more fun elements. Today I am sharing 10 Interesting Teachers Day Party Games. You can also use these games in your Teacher’s Day Theme Kitty Party.

Teachers Day Kitty Party Invitation Idea

teachers day kitty party invitation

Teachers Day Party Games

Tambola: Housie also named as Tambola is one of the most popular games to be played in big groups. While regular Tambola is played commonly in the parties but for the Teacher’s day celebration you can select some particular theme tombola ticket. back to school theme tambola ticketsWe have a few special designs of Tambola for this theme. Do check the images below and leave a comment below if you want to place the order. The printed mathematical tambola ticket is for Rs 10 per ticket and the handmade ones are Rs 50 per ticket. Look For More Interesting Tambola Tickets Here.

Teachers Day Party Games

Musical Chair– This is again a very popular and interesting game to be played with big groups. Just get all your teachers in the playing area and arrange the interesting and fun filled musical chair for them.

Dumb Charades– Divide teams of teachers and students and have an interesting session of Dumb Charades. It is one of the funniest games suitable for big groups.

Pencil Share- Pencil and Teachers have a relation and thus this game suits the Teacher’s day celebration. This is a one minute game and you have to divide your teachers into pairs for this game. Give two pencils and few rubber bands to each couple. The challenge is to hold the pencils in their mouth and transfer the rubber band. Check the image below to learn more about the game.kitty game

Heads On-   Give one disposable plate and a sketch pen to every teacher in the party and ask them to keep the plates on their heads. Now the host will call out some items names and the teachers have to draw those items on the plate with the given sketch pen while keeping the plates on their heads. The one who draws the best will be the winner. Plate On Your Head

Teacher’s Day Celebration Ideas

Word link up- Just make all your guests or the members in a circle and start the game. The host will give any one word to start and the members have to say a related word quickly. If anyone repeats a word, she will be out and anyone taking more than a second to reply will also be out. Member will get only a second to guess the word. The word should be related well to the word said by the previous member.

Nonstop Nonsense– Make everyone sit in a circle and the host has to sit in the center. The game is to ask random questions from the ladies sitting in the circle. The twist in the game is when the host points her finger to someone, the lady sitting on right has to give the answer. Usually when we point someone suddenly, they give answer randomly but in this game, the lady sitting in the right have to answer. The lady who is left in the end will be the winner
The random questions can be like-

  • What is your name?
  • What are you wearing?
  • What is my name?

To make the game funnier, make a rule that the players have to give a wrong answer to all your questions. Check this video below to know more about the game.

Letter Fun– Make some slips and write some Hindi alphabets on them, like च, ब, ल, ट, म etc. Now call one member from each team and ask her to pick a letter each. She then has to say things about her husband with words starting with that alphabet. She will get one minute to say as many sentences as she can.

I got the letter ब and I said the sentences like-

  • मेरे पति के बाल बहुत अचछे हैं
  • मेरे पति को बच्चे बहुत पसन्द हैं
  • मेरा पति बीडी पीता है
  • मेरे पति को बकरी का दूध पसन्द है
  • मेरा पति बम्बइ गया है
  • मेरा पति मेरे लिये बिन्दी लाया।

Alphabet Fun– this is one minutte  written game where the answers of all given questions will be in a single or two alphabets. Download the game sheet above and give one sheet to each teacher present in the party. The one with maximum correct answers will be the winner. paper party games

Blindfold drawing– This game is to be played in the classroom with a blackboard, a chalk and a duster. Call the teachers one by one and blindfold them. The challenge for the teachers is to make some particular drawing or write some particular phrase on the blackboard. You can also make the circles on the blackboard and ask the teachers to point the center with a blindfold on their eyes. Teachers Day Party Games

This is my list of 10 best Teacher’s Day Party Games. Do let me know if you want to share some game idea here.

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