One Minute Hindi Kitty Party Game

one minute hindi kitty party game

This is a very One Minute Written Hindi Kitty Party Game sutable for all age groups. While we all love playing the activty games in our kitty party but some age group of ladies like playing the simple written games with no fuss or mess around. This is one of the simplest hindi games for ladies kitty party and can also be played with your collegues in an office party.

One Minute Written Hindi Kitty Party Game

One Minute Written Hindi Kitty Party Game

The challenge in this game is to complete the given Hindi words with an English alphabet. Yes, you have to use only a single English alphabet to complete the given words. These are some very commonly used Hindi words. You can use the alphabets as many times as you want and all is needed is a correct Hindi word.

This is a one minute party game and thus the players get the time limit of only one minute to complete the challenge. The member or the team which completes the challenge correctly in one minute will be the winner.

You can download the game sheet above and get the prinouts according to the number of members in your kitty party. Below are the answers of the game.

Answers of One Minute Written Hindi Kitty Party Game

  1. Gवन- जीवन
  2. Bकानेर- बीकनेर
  3. Aतराज़- एतराज़
  4. Eसाई- ईसाई
  5. Cमा–सीमा
  6. Dजल- डीजल
  7. Jवर- ज़ेवर
  8. Aनक- एनक
  9. Oमकार- ओम्कार
  10. Pपल- पीपल
  11. Rती- आरती
  12. Tका- टीका
  13. Kसर- केसर
  14. Iसक्रीम- आइस्क्रीम
  15. Bल्ली-  बिल्ली
  16. Aलान–एलान
  17. Uनान- यूनान
  18. Vराम– विराम
  19. Kला–केला
  20. Gत- जीत
  21. Aक- एक
  22. Bह्ड- बीहड
  23. Tप्प्णी- टिप्प्णी
  24. Vशेष- विशेष
  25. Gला- जिला
  26. Rक्श्ण- आरक्श्ण


  1. I love attending party’s because it is fun obviously. And how to enjoy life. Attending party’s with loved ones and friends are just amazing.


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