Unique Ideas for Teachers Day: Happy Teacher’s Day


Teacher’s Day is celebrated in every school and college and no celebration is actually complete without some fun and interactive Teachers day games. Teacher’s Day is usually planned by the students for the teachers and here in this post, I am sharing some unique ideas for Teachers Day.

Unique Ideas for Teachers Day

  1. Blindfold Planets– This is an individual game and you have to call the teachers one by one on the stage to play this game. You would need a blackboard to play this game where you have to dram the solar system. You will blindfold the teachers and ask them to draw the planets in their correct orbits. The teacher who drawings are closest to the correct orbit will be the winner of this game.
  2. Subject Wise– Herein you need to collect a good number of items related to various subjects. For example, for Home Science you can take the kitchen items, for Physics you can take some prisms, magnets etc, for Biology you can take test tubes, flowers etc and for Maths you can take the scale, compass etc. Now assign one big basket to each subject and keep them at a distance line wise. The task for the teachers is to take the items from the table, run and put the correct item in the correct basket of the subject. The teacher who completes the challenge best will be the winner.
  3. Run Ma’am Run– This is one of the funniest and most unique ideas for teachers day. It is a dice game and you will play this game with all the teachers together. Make them sit or stand in a circle and you stand in the center. Take a tray and a dice. On a table at a distance keep a large-sized box tapped very well. Keel a very small gift inside. For example, you can keep 2000 Rs note in a matchbox and wrap it with multiple boxes and wrapping sheets with lots of tapes. Now take the dice tray to each teacher one by one and the teacher who gets a Six on the dice will run and start unwrapping the gift. Meanwhile, if other teacher gets Six on his/her dice he/she will run, snatch the gift and start unwrapping. The game will continue till someone unwraps the gift completely. The teacher who unwraps the gift will be the winner and keep that 2000 Rs.
  4. Know Your Colleagues- To play this game, you need to make some interesting title on all your teachers present in the celebrations. Call out the titles on the stage and all other teachers have to guess whose title is that. Every teacher giving the correct answer will get a prize.
  5. Back notes- Teachers love giving notes, so let’s make them play with the notes on their special day. This game will continue during the whole party and the results will be announced in the end. In this game, you need to buy some sets of sticky notes. Ask them to write their names on each note and the task is to paste those notes on other teachers’ back. In the end, the teacher whose name notes are found on the backs of other teachers will be the winner. 

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