Kitty Party Theme Ideas : Mafia Theme Kitty Party

kitty party theme ideas

Kitty Party Themes Ideas . Mafia Theme Kitty Party is one of the most interesting kitty party theme ideas. You can arrange this theme as your ladies kitty party theme as well as the theme for couple kitty party. If you ask me this theme suits more in the couple kitty party. Check out the Mafia Kitty Party Theme Ideas below and get ready for a Mafia Bash.

Mafia Kitty Party Theme Ideas

The Invitations for Mafia Theme Kitty Party

Use iconic images of the Mafia, such as Marlon Brando as Don Corleone in “The Godfather” or Robert de Niro as Al Capone in “The Untouchables.” Print the images out on your computer printer, and glue them on the cards with the wordings like- “Here’s an invitation you can’t refuse.” If you want your guests to dress in mobster attire, say so in the invitation.

Decoration and dress code for Mafia Theme Kitty Partykitty party theme ideas


This theme gives you an opportunity to use all those toys of your kids lying in cupboards and outside as well Have the tommy guns and bows and arrows, all sorts of weaponry of your kids Decorate the venue with artificial palms, black & white tableware, wine bottles on each table, candles, wrought iron wine holders and candle holders. You can ask your kitty members to dress like Mafia dons and gangsters. You can also use various props like Mafia hats and guns to make the party more funny and interesting.Kitty party theme ideas

These Mafia hats are available for sale, do leave a comment below if you want to buy these hats.

Activities and Games for Mafia Theme Kitty Party


Game-1 Have a trivia quiz on movies based on gangsters. Include questions like Who was the Don in the movie Vastav or Name the character played by Ajay Devgan in the movie Once Upon A Time In Mumbai. Have a small prize for each correct answer.

Game-2 Have a shooting competition among your guests. Place a board with some balloons, in the shape of the dart board, give a toy gun to the guests and ask the guests to take a shot. The person who gets closest to the bulls eye is the winner. You may play this game with the actual dart board also.

Game-3 This is a team game. Divide the guests in the teams. Write the names of some gangster movies on chits and put them in a bowl. Ask the team members to pick up a chit and enact a scene from that movie. For example, if a team gets the chit of movie ‘Khalnayak’, the members will have to become Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri dixit and jackie shroff and try to put together an interesting act. This will surely lead to hilarious situations and everyone will enjoy the game.

Game-4 This is a team game. You may keep several props like a broom, comb, lipstick, toy mobile or a tiffin box. Ask each team to pick up one/two of the props, make them their weapons and to prepare an act flaunting their weapon, telling about why they chose it and how would they use it to threaten their enemies. You may also have working tables for each team and the props (same or different ) already placed on those tables.

Kitty Party Theme Ideas For The Menu

An Italian menu is the best suited for the mafia mobsters party but you can keep Indian menu also for this party theme. Decide it according to the choice of your kitty party members.

Have Fun 🙂


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