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tapori theme party ideas

Party Theme Ideas . Interesting party theme ideas can make your kitty party interesting and exciting and if you are looking for some exciting party theme idea for your kitty party, you can try the Tapori Theme Kitty Party. We had this theme in our kitty party last month. The party theme was hosted by three hosts who managed and executed it very well. All the games and activities were well suitable for the theme and needless to say that we enjoyed every bit of the party.

Decoration and Dress code for Tapori Party Theme Ideas

party theme ideas

The party hall was well decorated with the posters of Bollywood movies based on taporis. There were posters of Indian actors like Salman Khan, AAmir Khan, Nana Patekar etc all around and what caught the eye of every member was the old truck tires laid right at the entrance enclosing a carom board. All tables were decorated with emptied beer bottles, cigarettes, posters etc. It was the perfect scenario for the tapori theme kitty party. We all were asked to dress like a tapori and most of the members were dressed accordingly. Ladies were clad in short capris, denims, caps, tapori chains, torn t-shirts, scarf around the neck and much more.

Invitation for Tapori Theme Kitty Party

Divas AE…SHAANEY,Jyada dimag ko taan nahi dene ka…..KYAAAA, chup chap neeche padhne ka…. BOLE TOH…..!!! All the ITEM LOG apne jean jacket tight kar lene ka.kyon? kyonki it’s the time for TAPORIES PARTY Bole toh!! Abhi apun cut to cut baat karta hai ……… ko tum Punter log ko Hotel ………… mein 4 bje aaneka aur tum log wo dekhega wo,jo tum pehle kabhi nahi dekhela hai!!!! Intajar meinTapori Log

party theme ideas

Games and Activities for Tapori Party Theme Ideas

We are 100 members in the club out of which around 70 are present every month. Usually we divide the members in ten teams which 7 members each or may also increase or decrease the number of teams according to the strength of club. So for the tapori theme party our members were divided into 8 teams which 7-8 members each. The teams were given the names like punters, shane, tapori, lafange etc. When we entered the hall we were given a beedi each and strictly instructed to talk only in the tapori language. It was an activity and the hosts asked us to take the beedi of a member who talks in English or say any word of English. We all were pretty cautious about our language and tone throughout the club meet. I love their party theme ideas. Well after all members came the hosts started the games and activities by blowing a whistle.

Game#1 Handi Fod – First game was about breaking a handi (pot) hanging in the middle of the hall. Whole team was called to play the game where one of the members was blindfolded and other were supposed to direct the blindfolded member to the handi. The other team members were allowed to say only hindi words like aage, pichu, daye, baaye etc. In our team I was blindfolded and other members were guiding me with their tapori signals. I hit the Handi in some 35 second(approx).

Game #2 Paper Game- Next game was a paper game where each team was given a paper and the time limit of one minute. We were asked to write the tapori words in one minutes like halkat, bole toh, satak le, watak le etc etc. The team who wrote the maximum correct words won the game.

Game #3 –Next game was a sequence game and the team who finished the sequence in minimum time won the points. The game sequence include dodging the ball, taking out coins from the pot and pointing the balls settled over the bottles. tapori theme party ideasAs a team one member will first dodge the ball for 20 times and as soon as she is done next member will take out the coins from a pot which had many other things like buttons, stones, marbles etc. she was supposed to take 20 rs in one shot as soon as she was done the third member will target the balls with a catapult.party  theme ideas Game #4 Dance Like a Taporitapori theme party ideasIn this game the hosts had a few slips of Bollywood tapori songs like chinta ta chita chita, galdi baat, tamanche pe disco etc. They asked every team to pick a slip and dance on that particular song for a minute. tapori theme party ideasThe team with best tapori moves was declared as the winner.

Game #5 Bidi Collection : The final activity was to check which tapori has the maximum number of bidis collected from other member who used English words while speaking. The food was served after the games and activities came to an end. Prizes were distributed to the winning teams, sadly we were not one of the winning teams, but no regrets because we had a great time and its all about the fun.

Food and Menu for Tapori Party Theme Ideas

Thandai was kept as a welcome drink instead of soft drinks and the food menu included the items like idli sambhar, pao-bhaji, chole bhature, chowmein and gulab jamun. The party theme ideas and theme was very well organized and executed by the hosts and everyone had a great time being taporis. Have Fun.


  1. Hi shiwangi luv to visit ur site n different themes u usually posted. But would u plz upload sumthing innovative posted on bollywood theme. I mean from invitation to sum creative games n tambola design for me. Plz it would b of great help from ur side.

    • Hey Meenakshi thanks for coming again and for leaving such a lovely comment. I will post a bollywood theme party post today on the blog, pls visit again and check it out 🙂

  2. Hi Shiwangi
    I often visit your website and love your party ideas, I am planning for an Indian Fusion theme based kitty(fusion of all the states and food n dress representing the states, can you please help me in writing an Invite and how I can organise from beginning till end of the party(invite, games, food, prizes)..

      • Hi Shiwangi
        Thanks for responding, I am struggling with the invitation, wanted a colourful invitation which can convey my ideas through words n picture..

        Waiting for a reply ..

  3. Enjoyecd going through your site .. Loved the tapori theme..
    like to have the ladies club on this theme .Can you suggest some more ideas for decor and tampola

  4. Hi shivangi…I m a regular visitor of ur website.I executed your master chef theme kitty which was a great success. I loved ur tapori theme.please suggest sum more games for this theme n tambola idea as well.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Richa 🙂 I am glad that you like my games and ideas. Will soon update u with some more games on this theme. Let me give it a thought 🙂

    • Wow shivani chamiya theme sounds interesting. You can dress in some chamko zazzy saree with a deep cut blouse. Apply dark lipstick and make a top bun with your hairs. You will look like a perrrrrfect chamiya.

  5. hi !
    Hi shivangi…I m a regular visitor of ur website..
    i m planning to execute tapori theme kitty.. i need tapori them tambola and more ideas..
    do ping me.. i need it urgent.

  6. Hey Shiwangi…..I am planning to host a kitty party and the theme that I have in mind is “missing”…. I would like to know what kind of games can I organise on this theme and the food and decor….for example I was thinking to make muffins and scoop out tiny part of it. Like something is missing…. Likewise ladies dressing up but something should be missing….probably just one earring or half lipstick….please suggest…or any other theme…would love to hear from you…

    • WOW Mehak, that sound super interesting. Would definitely think over it and see if I get some games ideas on the same. Do not forget to share your game ideas for this theme along with your kitty pictures.

  7. Hii shiwangi..i m a gr8 fan of urs..please help me..i need varient tambola and few games for tapori friends theme kitty party

  8. Hii shiwangi….i m gr8 fan of urs…please help me …i need varie t tambola and few games for tapori friends theme kitty party

  9. Hello shiwangi mam
    I m a grt fan of urs site ur games plz help me with how to decorate like tapori theme nd also the different type of housie for this pls help me……

  10. Hi shiwangi……
    Ur posts n ideas r superb n awsum…I jus luv it…..can u tell me sum different dividends of tambola for this theme……n also sum decor….

  11. Hi shivangi your ideas are superb and the games are so simple with different ideas,which doesn’t require much equipment .thanks for your lovely and exciting games.
    I need few Diwali themed tombola ,played in different ways.thank you

  12. Hello shiwangi
    I want party aupplies for tapori theme
    Tambola and other some decorative items
    Please contact me as soon as possible


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