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Speed Eraser : Simple One Minute Party Games

simple one minute party games

Here is another game from my list of Simple One Minute Party Games. This game is to be played with eraser pencil and is a one minute game, that means the challengers will get a minute to complete this challenge. Failure to complete the challenge in one minute will result in elimination.

Simple One Minute Party Games With Pencil

simple one minute party games

I am categorizing it as one of the Simple One Minute Party Games, but the game isn’t as simple as it looks. In this game the challengers have to bounce the pencils into the glasses positioned in a row. The process has to be repeated seven times, that means you have to arrange seven glasses in a row for this game.

Things you need

  • 10 pencils having erasers on the back end
  • 7 glasses
  • Stop Watch

How To Play Speed Eraser:

Call the players one by one to play this game and if you have divided the guests into teams, call one member from each team. The challenge is to bounce the pencils into the glasses. Sharpen the pencils before you start the game and the players have to bounce the pencils from eraser side. The challenger who bounces the maximum number of pencils in one minute will be the winner of this game. Remember that it is a minute to win it game and the participants will get only one minute to win the challenge. They can try as many times as they can in one minute.

The game is not simple as it looks and thus I recommend to try the game at home before you arrange it for any party.

Hope the game is clear to you and if you have any doubt regarding this one minute game or any other Simple One Minute Party Games in my website, feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box. I am always here to help you with party games and ideas.


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