Junk In The Trunk : Kitty Party Game

kitty party game

If you are looking for a funny and interesting kitty party game, your search will definitely end here. This is a funny kitty party game and will surely bring a huge fun and laughter quotient in your kitty party. You can however play this game in any birthday party or even in the office parties. All it brings is fun and laughter in the party.

Kitty Party Game With Tissue Paper Box

kitty party game

Things you need

To play this game you just need a few empty tissue paper boxes and ping pong balls and a stop watch of course.

How to Play Junk In The Trunk

Tissue paper box will work here as the trunk and the ping pong balls will be the junk. Tie two strings on the empty tissue paper box and Put 8 ping pong balls in it. Now tie this empty tissue paper box on the waist of every player. The challenge is to take out all the balls from the box by just moving and shaking the waist. No hand are allowed. This is a very funny kitty party game as it would be fun to see your kitty member moving and shaking her bums and waist hard to take the balls out.

This is a minute to win it game and contestants will get one minute to complete the challenge and failure to do so in one minute will result in elimination. Make sure that the player gets a good space to move and shake.

You can call the players individually to play this game but if you want to enjoy more in short time, you can divide your kitty members in teams and call one player from each team to complete this challenge. Try playing this kitty party game in your next kitty and tell us how your members and friends liked it.



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