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Water Melon Race : Funny One Minute Party Game

This is a funny one minute party game suitable for all age groups. You can play this game in a birthday party, a ladies kitty party, an office party or any other gatherings. You don’t need to do much of homework for this funny one minute party game. All you need is some slices of watermelon and a few strings to tie the player’s hands. The game looks simple but trust me, it brings a great humour and fun in your party when played with all enthusiasm.

Funny One Minute Party Game With Watermelon

Funny one minute party game

Make all the players stand in a line near the table. Keep the watermelon slices on the table. Make sure that there is one slice for each player. Now tie the hands of players with a string and the challenge is to eat the watermelon without using hands. The players have to eat it completely with no melon left on the skin. The player who does it first will be the winner of this game.

If you have divided your guests into teams, call one member from each team to play this game and if you want you can also make every player play this game individually. I would rather suggest you to arrange this game team-wise or else you will need many watermelon slices and also a few people to look after the game.

Hope the game is clear enough to you. If you have any doubt in this funny one minute party game, do let me know via comments. I am always here to help you with kitty party games and ideas.

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