Kitty Party Themes

Casino Theme Party

This is a very interesting kitty party theme, especially if the members like gambling. It is not actually a gamble but somewhat related to it. The Casino themed party can be arranged either in teams or with individual players. Just make sure that the kitty has at least 14-15 members.
I arranged this theme for my kitty party once, and it was a huge hit. 

Antakshari Theme for your Kitty Party Antakshari is a very popular game in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is actually a musical game played between any people. The ethnic form of this game was pretty simple but I have made some modifications in this very popular game to make your kitty party even more exciting. Continue reading to know more about more in antakshari theme for your kitty party. You can add many different rounds in this game as mentioned below-

Interesting Kitty Party Themes . “Wedding is always an entertaining event, so it creates a magical entertainment in kitty party”. It is one of the most entertaining and interesting kitty party themes. Interesting Kitty Party Themes  Things you need Flowers,garlands,shoes(one ladies and one gents),slips of topics for songs, a big bowl,water ,little amount of...