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holi party games

Holi is one of the most popular festivals of India. It is a very joyous festivals and we play with colors on this festival, so if we are planning a kitty party on the theme of holi, all our games must be related to colors and fun.

Dress code for Holi Theme Party

The dress code for Holi themed kitty is pretty obvious, it is white. Ask all your members to wear white suits or sarees. Try arranging your kitty party in an open area for this theme. Make two teams of the kitty members. The team who collects maximum points in the last wins the kitty and all the members of the team gets the prize.

Party Games For Holi Theme Kitty Party

Holi party games # 1- “Holi Tambola”-

happy holi tambola ticket holi party games

A kitty party is incomplete without the Tambola. So you can prepare a game of Tambola related to Holi. You can download the Holi

Tambola Ticket from here. Write the numbers on the dividends like pichkari, gubbaare, bhang laddoo, gujhiya, and gulal. When any member gets first house she has to say, holi hai and when anyone gets second house she has to say happy holi.

Holi Party Games # 2- “Rangolie with colors”-

Call one member from each team and give them different pouches of the colors. They have to make the Swastik out of the rangoli colors. The time limit is one minute and the members who makes maximum Swastiks in one minute wins a point for her team.

Holi Party Games #3- “Picking marbles”

You need a small pot for this game. Fill the pot with ice and water and add some fast holi colors in it. Also add some  colored marbles in the pot. Call one member from a team first and ask them to pick a particular colored marbles from the pot without seeing in the pot. The member who takes out maximum number of that particular colored marbles gains one point for the team. The time limit for this game is one minute.

Holi Part Game #4- “Writing Happy Holi”

This is a very simple but fun game. You need a bottle of red fabric color for this game and a big brush. Call one member from each team and give them a paper each. They have to pick the painting brush in their mouth and write happy holi in the paper from dipping the brush in the red fabric color bottle. Make sure that they don’t touch the brush with their hands. The member, who writes maximum times happy holi, earns a point.

Holi Party Games #5- “Bursting the balloon”

When it is a holi theme, there must be a game with water. You need to draw a man or a girl on two chart papers for this game. You also need many balloons filled with water for this game. Stick the chart papers on a wall. Call one member from each team and give them balloons filled with water. They now have to hit the balloons on the figure made on the chart papers. The members who bursts the maximum number of balloons right on the figure, gets the point.

Holi Party Games 6- “Blindfold”-

This game is actually known as matkifod in India. Arrange a big pot and keep it in the center of your kitty hall. Call one member from each team and blindfold them. Give them a big wooden rod and time limit of one or two minutes. They have to search the pot and break it using the rod. The member who breaks it first bags a point for the team.

Holi Party Games 7-“Dil Kee baat…Rango ke Satth”

This is a paper game. Give one member of each team a paper and a pen. They have to write a letter to their love about HOLI. The member who uses the names of maximum colors in the letter will get the point for this game.

Holi Party Games 8-“Crossing the pool”-

For this game you have to arrange a big rubber pool. Call one member from each team and ask them to cross the pool from one end to other. Make two specific starting and ending points. They can’t touch the pool. Rather tie their hands and blindfold them. Other team partner will guide her to reach to the destination through natural sounds; they have to decide in advance which sound for which direction, no human speaking words for direction, mean horse sound for right, dog barking for left.

“Holi” is all about Fun, Fun and Fun.  No prayers, no demons, no rules, no regulations. Follow no norms and have fun as much as you want. Hope these games make your “Holi” party a great hit.

Happy Holi

For, the very motive of celebrating the festival is to have fun. There are no prayers for this day and no sermons are said. The only norm that is followed is, “follow no norms and have as much fun as you want”.


  1. hi
    i have my kitty party on 16th march …as holi is nearby i decided to keep holi theme…all the games here are superb…will definately play among this games…kindly help me inselecting the food menu..welcome drink will be definately thandai…wat about main course,starter and desert..

    • Hello Khyati. Welcome to my online kitty party group.
      m glad that you liked the games in my blog. Well, Thandai is just perfect and obvious welcome drink for a holi theme kitty party and for the cuisine in your party you can chek my Party Cuisine section here..https://kittygroups.com/party-cuisine/holi-party-recipes/.
      It includes some good recipes for Holi party. I am however planning to add some more games and cuisines here. Stay tuned for more ideas.
      I would also love if you share your ideas here 🙂 After it is our Online Kitty Party Group.

  2. Hi….I loved your games…n m looking forward for some more new grelating holi…as I hv kitty next month in a restaurant…so gimme more games relating dat place…n also please tell me how cn I download holi tambola tickets from here…send me d link if possible..thank u..

    • Hey Sonam….thnx for your comment. I will soon be adding some more of Holi games here. Keep visiting and regarding the Holi Tambola tickets. It is not available for download. You can rather copy this picture and get the print outs from any cyber cafe. I do sell of some other tambola tickets. They are not for free. If you want I can send them to u.

  3. hi…. please tell me how can I download holi tambola tickets from here…send me the link if possible.. n also looking forward to more holi themed games
    thank u..

    • Hey Kritika..thnx for visiting my website. You can just click on the image and then save it on your desktop by right click-> save image as->save. Download it on your desktop and get the print outs from any cyber cafe. Then write different numbers on the holi tambola tickets.
      Happy Kitty Party 🙂
      Feel free to ask for any help.

  4. hi shiwangi
    thanks for your reply….i went through your recepies..i liked some of them lik aloo kachori..but i am confused about other recepie…fr starter i can make methi bhajia or corn cheese pakoda,dessert can be falooda or malai ice cream???wat say..pls give your opinion…main course nothing cumes in my mind…wat about samosa chhoole…

  5. Hey shiwangi, this tambola is a very good one..but I have a problem, in my kitty we attach 3 tickets n make it one..and that pic contain only 5items means only 15 numbers can b written and I want in which 45 numbers should be there…please help me..send me some more pic in which large numbers are included…and want in holi theme only..n thank u for your generous reply..

  6. Hi shiwangi…thank u so much for such a big help…you solved my problem…I very much liked that tambola…and m going to play this tambola theme…m very grateful to u 🙂

  7. hi shiwangi
    thanks for such nice games.holi ticket tambola is a nice game .one doubt i have, in this game what do u mean by dividends. kindly explain in detail how u play it exactly.pls make it little more clearer.

    • Hey Neetu, m glad that you liked my games. The holi tambola ticket can be played like a plain tambola. As we keep the dividends 3 lines, corners, houses etc.in this game you can write 5-5 numbers on each Laddu, Pichkari, gubbare, gujhia and gulal. When someonne cuts all number written on Laddus, they have to shout Laddu and they will get the prize if correctly claimed. Similarly they will play for other dividends. When all of the dividends are cut the player will get the full house but they have to shout Happy Holi.
      Hope you get it. If no, feel free to ask any doubt.

  8. hey plz help me out wid the letter game…Dil ki baat rango ….ke saathhhh….i mean how to form a letter wid color names…i m hveing only few liness….

    • Hey Kukky, thnx for ur appreciation. This is our own online kitty party. Sent you the letter format in mail. Please like the FB page to stay in touch.

  9. hiii, really loved the ideas. i am looking forward to keep love letter game in my couple kitty . can u plz email me the format on my mail id too. i wud be really thanful..:)

  10. hi, I also loved all your holi theme ideas. i want to keep letter game (dil ki baat ….rangoo ke saath) in my kitty party . can u plz email me the format on my mail id too. .thanks:)

  11. hey plz help me out wid the letter game…Dil ki baat rango ….ke saathhhh….i mean how to form a letter wid color names….

  12. Hi shiwangi…very innovative ideas for holi…plz sent me format of letter Dil ke baat rangoo ke sath…also can u post some more games with tambola for holi theme…

    • Hey Pavneet, thnx for the comment . Posting the letter format here. Do let me know if you need any other help.
      Mere Priye,
      ap holi pe aa rahe ho na? Apke laal ne bahot tang kia hua hai, sars din peele neele rango se khelta raheta hai aur zid hai ki kala rang, hara rang, neela rang, aur narangi, gulabi rang bhi laake do. Yahan bazar mein sab rang nahi mil rahe ap wahan se kuch rang jaisey bhura, baingni, meroon leke ana, Main holi pe halke neele aur halke gulabi rang ki sari pehenungi. Apke liye bhi asmani rang ka kurta nikala hai. Bete ko halke hare rang ki shirt aur gray rang ki pant pehena dungi.

  13. Hey Shiwangi,

    Gr8 ideas, thumbs up n kudos to u!!

    M following your FB posts too, very interesting.
    M having kitty turn for holi….can u suggest the dress code other than WHITE, something hatke…

    Planning for the letter game too.

    Keep posting….shall eagerly wait for more stuff for sure.

    • Thnx Purna for such a lovely comment. Such comments from my online kitty members motivate me more to bring new and unique party games and ideas. I am posting new holi party games daily. Keep visiting to get more of such crazy stuff. Feel free to share your ideas and games here in my website.

  14. Hi shivangi
    I need a ticket with 45 numbers on it.Ot will b a great help if u can arrange for d same .
    PS : I m hosting a Holi mela ; pls sifgest some ideas for it .

  15. Hi shivangi
    Pls help me i need holi tambola ticket of 45 nos for that i have to buy booklet or i can make tickets with the help of sample ticket actually i need 50 tickets
    Pls help me

  16. Shivangi u doing a great work!
    We threw a holi event on poolside area n m going to host the event so need some instant games to be played wth 400 to 500 pax. wthout any much props, n including gulal or sthng related to holi. few i got it from ur blog i.e quizzes n all i need some more instant games.
    if any my mail id khusboojain03@gmail.com, wll be thankful.


    • Hey Khusbhu, thanks for your lovely comment over here. You are arranging a holi bas with 500 people and I guess tambola can be suitable for such a big gathering. Or else you can keep the trivia like- person having colored 1000 rs note in pocket, maximum colored note in purse, person with cleanest face, oldest coin, torn socks, oldest bill in purse, ladies with yellow nailpaint, with maximum rings, biggest handbag etc etc..

      • Hey Khushbu got another idea. You can announce a new mobile number on the Mic and all the guests will then send a happy holi message on that number. The messages you get on that mobile from first five numbers will be the winners.


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