Antakshari For Your Kitty Party


Antakshari Theme for your Kitty Party

Antakshari is a very popular game in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It is actually a musical game played between any people. The ethnic form of this game was pretty simple but I have made some modifications in this very popular game to make your kitty party even more exciting.

Continue reading to know more about more in antakshari theme for your kitty party. You can add many different rounds in this game as mentioned below-

First of all make the teams in the kitty party, Divide them according to the strength of your kitty party.

Melody Round– In this game you can record some of the instrumental music clips of the famous songs. Play one clip for one team and give them the time limit of one minute. They have to recognize the clip and the name of the movie the song belongs to. If they guess it right they get 10 marks, 5 for song and 5 for the movie.
Posters round– In this round you have to download a few wallpapers from the famous Bollywood movies and show one poster per team at a time and they have to find out the movie the wallpaper belongs to.
Mixed faces– In this round you have to do a bit effort. Mix some of the Bollywood celebs faces and ask the teams to recognize both the celebs. They get 5 marks if they guess one right and 10 if they guess both the celebs right.
Audio clips– Download some of the audio clips of famous dialogues from the movies and play one clip per team with the time limit of one minute. They have to find out the movie name and have to sing any one song from that movie.
Situation slip– Make some slips on the paper with the celebs name and the situation of the song. Ask very team to pick one slip and sing the song which suits best to the situation written in the slip. For example the slip has Shahrukh Khan and train- the song will be “chaiya chaiya” from “dil se”


    • Hey Sapna you can keep any color code or if you are planning to divide the kitty members into 4 teams give them 4 different colors to wear. For example if you have 20 members, call 5 members and give them red color, green to next 5 and so on. Hope it helps 🙂

  1. Please Suggest Some Couple Games For Antakshari theme……. Which should be intresting and little bit Khatta Meetha type


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