One Minute Game For Women : Kitty Game With Tambola

kitty game with tambola

Today I am sharing an interesting but simple kitty game with tambola which is a one minute game for women kitty party, This game is very simple and can be played on your table only. This kitty game suits the middle-aged ladies kitty party very much who are not really interested in the tricky activity games.

Kitty Game With Tambola

kitty game with tambola

Things required to play this kitty game with tambola

To play this game in your kitty party, you just need the tambola board, tambola numbers and a straw pipe. In fact many straw pipes, one for each member because no one will use a used straw pipe.

How to play this one minute kitty game

  • To play this one minute game in your ladies kitty party, first, scatter all the tambola numbers on the table randomly. Keep them up so that the numbers are visible.
  • Now give one straw to each member and the challenge for them is to suck the numbers using the straw pipe and place them on the board consecutively.
  • The lady who plays the challenge best will be the winner obviously.
  • You can play this game individually or in a team.
  • If you have more members in your kitty party, divide them first into the teams and then call one member from each team to play the game.

I always suggest people to make teams in a kitty party to make it more happening. When we play the games individually, the members who are not playing get bored and thus it is always better to play games in teams. This also helps people interacting well with each other and know each other more.

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Do let me know if you want to share some of your kitty party games and ideas. I would be happy to share the games under your name. Do send me an email at if you want to share some ideas. Do watch my YouTube channel KittyGroupsOnline for easy game videos.


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