One Minute Kitty Party Game With Housie Board

one minute tambola kitty party game

This is an interesting but simple one minute kitty party game to be played with housie board. This game can be played even in a birthday party or an office party with your collogues.

One Minute Tambola Kitty Party Gameone minute tambola kitty party game

Things Required

Housie Board and numbers

How To Play

  • This is an individual One Minute Tambola Kitty Party Game.
    and you need to call the players one by one to play the game.
  • The challenge here is to place the tambola numbers on the board but with a twist.
  • The challenge actually is to put the numbers opposite.
  • For example if you have number 45 you need to put it on the number 54 in the board.
  • The numbers with 9s like 19, 29, 39 etc and double digit numbers will be placed same.
  • This is a one minute game and thus the player gets only a minute to win it.



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