5 Always Entertaining Games For Your Dinner Parties


Today I am sharing a list of 5 games which are always entertaining, whether it is a normal dinner party at your place, a ladies kitty party or some couple party night in your club.

5 Dinner Party Entertaining Games dinner party entertaining games

  1. Star Stickers: You can play this game with as many guests as you want. It is a very interesting games which will keep your guests on their toes during the entire party. So here is how the game goes-As the guests arrives, give them 10 sticks each. The challenge is to stick the stickers to other without getting noticed. If someone notices while putting the sticker, they can stick one of their sticker on you. First guest to finish all their 10 stickers will be the Star and win the prize.
  2. Hats Off: This is again a very interesting game for your dinner parties. It is easy to play and manage when all your guests are sitting on the dining table or a round table. Give everyone a hat to wear, you can also use the Christmas paper hats for this game. Now the rule is that all the guests will take off their hats when the hosts take it off. This game will continue throughout the dinner party. Keep the conversation going and take the hat off in between. The guest who takes his/her off last will be out of the game. You will get your winner in the end.
  3. Ha Hu Hee- This is an interesting laughing game. Get all your guests seated round a table or in a circle. Players take it in turns to say “Ha”, “Ho” or “Hee”. Anyone who starts laughing is knocked out of the game. You will get the winner in the end when everyone is out.
  4. Bread Butter Musical Chair- This is an interesting musical chair game with a twist and is one of the best 5 Dinner Party Entertaining Games. In this game, we are calling husbands as bread and wives as butter. The game starts as simple musical chair, when music stops, the host will call bread-butter or butter-bread and they have to sit on chairs accordingly. For example if bread-butter is called, husband will sit on wife’s lap. Make sure chairs are set according to the number of couples.
  5. Heads On– The games goes like this. When all your kitty members or the party guests are arrived give them a white disposable plate and a sketch pen each. All the guests then have to keep the plate on their heads and the host will start saying the words related to Christmas. The members them will draw the things announced by the host. For example you can say- Draw a line, now draw a Christmas tree, draw a sun, draw a star, draw a house etc etc. The member who come up with the best drawing will be the winner of this game. I am sure everyone will bring funny drawings.

So this was my list of 5 Dinner Party Entertaining Games. You can plan these party games for your birthday parties or kitty parties as well.


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