How to wear saree step by step: Saree Draping Style

how to wear silk saree in 4 different ways

Hi everyone, if you are reading this post that means you love wearing the sarees. I too love draping the sarees and indeed it is the best fashionable Indian attire. While the simple saree draping is always the best, we sometimes want to look a bit different and get dressed a bit different. So, in this post, I will share how to wear saree step by step. All of these styles are very simple and can be styled without the help of a beauty parlor or a draper.

Silk Sarees never go out of style, however, we prefer silk sarees or the silk outfits in the winter season. A silk saree brings a whole vibe of class to the wearer but only if you wear it perfectly. You will look slimmer if your saree is draped perfectly and if it is not perfect, you might look a bit bulkier.

How to wear saree step by step

how to wear a silk saree


Steps To Drape A Silk Saree Perfectly

You can wear a silk saree in many different styles, but the south Indian style is the best and most graceful.

Basics are important

  • Iron the saree well, crushed saree will never look perfect.Get a cotton petticoat stitched and if you want to look slimmer from the hip area, get it stitched in the fish cut.
  • Make sure the petticoat string is tight and can hold the weight of your silk saree. A loosely tucked petticoat will never give you a perfect saree.
  • Take the plain end of your saree and tuck it in the petticoat from the center and then make a whole circle covering the petticoat.
  • Now take the saree and make some neat pleats and tuck them into the petticoat just an inch right to your belly button.
  • Adjust the pleats properly and secure them with the safety pin.
  • Now take the other end of the saree and make the pallu pleats. You can make the pleats or can wear the saree with the open pallu too.
  • Make sure your pallu pleats are very neatly made and secure them with a safety pin.
  • Now pin up the pallu on the left shoulder on your blouse.
  • Now, to give it a proper south Indian look, cover your belly area and chest area properly by adjusting the saree a bit.
  • Make sure the beautiful border is visible on the pallu.

Important points to remember

  • Wear heels to make your saree look even more graceful.
  • Wear the petticoat below your belly button.
  • Make sure the saree is well ironed and no creases are visible.
  • Do secure the pleats with the pins wherever required.

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So, this was my post on how to wear saree step by step. Do let me know if it helped you in any ways.

Also, I have added a video on my YouTube channel Kitty Groups Online where you can learn four different styles to wear the silk saree.

Do watch the video below and let me know which style you liked the most.


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