New Mehandi Designs For Teej and Rakshabandhan: Teej 2019


New Mehandi Designs For Teej and Rakshabandhan. Rakshabandhan and Teej are just around the corner. Both of these Indian festivals are very special. While Teej is a festival for husband and wife, Rakshabandhan is for brothers and sisters. Every wife and every sister wants to get dolled up on these festivals and when we talk about getting dolled up, it is not only about the designer outfits, its also about Mehandi.

I am a great fan of Mehandi (Heena) and almost every girl is. Today in this post I am sharing some new Mehandi designs for Teej and Raksha Bandhan festivals. Do let me know via comments which is your favorite heena design.

Disclaimer: None of these pictures are mine. I searched on the internet and bringing you the collection of best Mehandi designs. 

New Mehandi Designs For Teej and Rakshabandhan

With times, the Mehandi designs are also changing. This floral and leafy Heena design will suit the festival of rakhi or teej very well. It is neither too heavy nor too light and thus perfect for the occasion.

This is a very elegant Mehandi design for your backhand. The small dots made with precision is what’s making this simple design unique and classy. Also suitable for all age groups.

Now, this is a very contemporary Mehandi design or I should say a modern mehandi design. Though it is not really suitable for teej you can try it if you want to get something new and out of the league this time. The use of fashion and beauty products makes this design perfect Mehandi design for young girls. 

This is again a modern teej mehandi design because it shows a girl swinging which is a perfect Teej thing. Though this might not be easy for everyone to make, a skilled mehandi artist can do this. I just love the tiny details in this design.


This looks like a love tattoo but yes, Mehandi is also a kind of tattoo, a temporary one. This is perfect for a teenager who is n love with someone or for a new bride who is quite romantic in nature. The raindrops and the couple is so beautifully carved here.

This is a not so unique design but is still simple and elegant. Many ladies and girls prefer this kind of design rather than a figurine or a heavy design, so it is suitable for that particular group and ladies or girls.

Well, if you want to darken your mehandi you can apply Eucalyptus Oil on the dried Mehandi.

This is something I have seen for the first time. This is not really an amazing design but is quite different and good. Someone who wants to get something different mehandi design this year on teej or rakhi can try this.

WOW, isn’t this a stunning Mehandi design? I am simply loving this geometrical Mehandi design in these pretty hands. Also how the half triangle, on one hand, is making it very different from other regular designs.


This is not really a very prety design but again these leafy circles are something new for me so I have added it in the list of new Mehandi designs for rakhi and teej in 2019.

Do let me know via comments which were your favorite Mehandi design in the given designs above. Or, if you want to share any new design, you can email me at and I will add it in the post under your name.

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