How To Darken Your Mehandi


Tomorrow is Karva Chauth and the entire market is flooded with the mehandi artists in every city. Ladies are waiting in long queus to get the lovely beautiful mehandi designs on their hands. One of the major criteria today is to get the best mehandi design and other is to get a dark mehandi. Yes every lady want their mehandi to get darken and today I am sharing some tried and tested tips to darken mehandi. My mehandi always get darken every time and these are all best tried tips.

Tips To Darken Mehandidarken mehandi

  • Apply Mehandi Oil– Do not forget to apply mehandi oil before you get your mehandi done. Although every artist bring their own mehandi oil, but they apply is very lightly. Do apply it properly over the hand to get the best dark color of your mehandi.
  • Use lemon-sugar syrup- Mehandi leaves color on hands till it is wet and in order to keep it wet for longer, applying the lemon-sugar syrup is the best idea. Take a spoon of sugar in a bowl and add 1 lemon juice. Mix it well and apply it on your mehandi using cotton.
  • Cover-up– Not much people know but covering up the mehandi hand is a great idea to get the dark colored mehandi. Do keep in mind not to cover your hands till the mehandi is wet. Cover it up with some big polythene after your design gets dried properly.
  • Apply balm- Do you know that mehandi gets dark color when gets proper heat? Yes that’s true. Mehandi gets darken when it gets heated and we all know that the balms (iodex, zandu balm) create heat when applied. After your mehandi gets dried and apply the balm on your hands throughly. Cover the design properly and you will notice that your mehandi is darker than ever. This is one of the best tips to darken mehandi. 

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