Best Arabic Mehandi Designs 2015


It is the festive season in India now with some interesting traditional festivals like Karva Chauth, Navratri and Dusshera. Ladies all around might be preparing to get their hands inked with some lovely and amazing designs of Mehandi. Today I am sharing latest and Best Arabic Mehandi Designs  for all occasions and festivals.

Best Arabic Mehandi Designs 2015

This is a simple yet exquisite arabic mehandi designs for your back hand. Lovely small dots ringed with the little beautiful flowers makes it one of the best Arabic Mehandi Designs 2015.

Mehandi Design # 1arabic mehandi designs 2015 c

Look at this one flower mehandi design. Isn’t its breathtaking? This simple yet elegant mehandi design suits best for any occasion.

Mehandi Design # 2arabic mehandi designs 2015 qThis 3rd mehandi design can be made on your front hand also. Beautiful flowers embedded in your hand will make your husband fall in love with you once again.

Mehandi Design # 3arabic mehandi designs 2015 l

Can’t really stop looking at this amazingly beautiful back mehandi design.

Mehandi Design # 4Arabic mehandi designs 2015

What say about this very new mehandi design for your back palm. You can extend this design to your elbow, that will make it even more attractive I guess.

Mehandi Design # 5arabic mehandi designs 2015 m

So finally we have a wonderful mehandi design for front hand. The big chakra in the center is the major attraction in this mehandi design.

Mehandi Design #6arabic mehandi designs 2015 p

Roses mehandi design can beat any other design for sure. Gone are the times when we used to make the checks and ambi in mehandi, roses are the latest ones. Try this!

Mehandi Design # 7arabic mehandi designs 2015 g

Mehandi Design # 8 This leaves mehandi designs is my personal favorite one in this list. So simple and elegant yet superbly stylish mehandi design. arabic mehandi designs 2015 d


Mehandi Design #9

Now this is something I would call, amazing. Simply stunning mehandi design for front hand. Arabic mehandi designs 2015 a

Mehandi Design # 10 Superb arabic bel on your back palm with one sided strands make it a gorgeous design. arabic mehandi designs 2015 k

Mehandi Design # 11- What about these brilliant mehandi designs. As I said roses are in the latest trend this karva chauth.

arabic mehandi designs 2015 e

Mehandi Design #12 – WOW mehandi design for your back palm.

arabic mehandi designs 2015 b

Mehandi Design # 13- Arabic Mehandi Design for your front palm

arabic mehandi designs 2015 o

Mehandi Designs # 14- This checkers mehandi designs for your front palm is best suitable for your Karva Chauth.

best arabic mehandi designs 2015

DISCLAIMER: These are not my designs. After a through research over the web, I have complied these beautifully stunning and best arabic mehandi designs 2015.

Do save these designs for coming Karva Chauth and Diwali Festivals. 







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