New Christmas Party Games: Banana Passing

banana passing new christmas party game

Banana Passing is one of the funniest, most hilarious and new Christmas Party Game. This is a team game and you first need to divide your guests into teams to play this funny game.

New Christmas Party Gamebanana passing new christmas party game

Things Required

Bananas and Chairs

How to play Banana Passing

  • Make all teams sit on their chairs in a circle
  • Give 5 bananas to each team and a basket.
  • The challenge for the teams is to pass the bananas from one player to other by picking it with their feet.
  • The member sitting on the last chair have to leave the banana in the basket.
  • If any team drops the banana while passing, they can’t pick it back

This is a very interesting and funny game to be played in a Christmas party or ladies kitty parties. You can also play this game with kids in a birthday party game.

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