Shoe Exchange: Interesting Game For Team in Ladies Kitty


Shoe Exchange is an interesting Team Game Ladies Kitty Party. We recently played this game in one of our kitty parties, and I can’t resist sharing it here with my all my readers. The best thing about this game is that you do not need any thing to play this. Yes just divide your guests in teams and play this interesting team game in your ladies kitty party.

Shoe Exchange: Interesting Team Game Ladies Kitty Partyinteresting team game ladies kitty party

  • Divide your guests in teams according to the strength of your guests.
  • The challenge here for the guests is to exchange the shoes within the team.
  • In the end every member of the team should have two different shoes in their feet.
  • The team leader has to blow the whistle when they are done with the shoe exchange.
  • The team which is done with the shoe exchange first and blow the whistle will be the winner.


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