Chor Bazar Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

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Chor Bazaar is a nice, new and interesting theme for ladies kitty party and we recently had this theme in our club meet. This is a all time theme and you can plan a chor bazaar theme kitty party anytime throughout the year. Check out the chor bazaar theme kitty party games ideas below.

Chor Bazaar Theme Kitty Party Games Ideas

Decoration- The entire hall for our Chor Bazaar theme party was decorated with relevant items which included some chai ki thel, old garage, old electronic items, antique items and relevant photo booth. Chor Bazaar Theme Kitty Party Games Ideas

Dress code- All members were asked to dressed in some rapchik chor attire which included denims, shirts with tied waists, hankies on thighs and hats etc.

Invitation for Chor Bazaar theme kitty party

chor bazar theme kitty party invitation

Chor Bazaar Theme Kitty Party Games

Game 1– The hosts first divided the guests into teams and the team names were chotu hatela, kallu kaliya, chappan takli etc etc and also every member had different names.Chor Bazaar Theme Kitty Party Games Ideas

Each team was given money stickers which they has to paste on each team members back. The challenge for every team was to snatch and collect money from other teams. The team which has maximum money in the end will be the winner.

Game 2- Second game was to get the names of each member on a paper. Not their real names, but the names given by the hosts. The team which gets the names correctly in minimum time was the winner.

Game 3- In the third game, every team was given a set amount of money to spend and they had to buy the things from set chor bazar. The team which gets nearest to the given value won the prize. Chor Bazaar Theme Kitty Party Games Ideas

Game 4- In this fourth game, two members from each team were called to play and one of them was made blindfold. On a table there were many items kept, some from antique department, some from garage department, some from electronics department and some from home decor department. The challenge was to keep the items on right place. The blindfold member will pick the item and other member from team will guide her to the way. The team which finishes the task in minimum time will be the winner.

Do let us know if you liked the chor bazaar theme kitty party games and ideas.


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