Pea-Pick: One Minute Kitty Party Game


Pea-Pick is a nice and interesting one minute kitty party game, especially when it is a ladies kitty party. Although, you can play this game in your couple kitty party too.

Pea Pick One Minute Kitty Party Gamepea pick one minute kitty party game

Things Required

  • Peas
  • Toothpicks
  • Two Bowls

How To Play Pea-Pick

  • This is an individual game and you have to call members one by one to play this game.
  • If you have many members you can first divide them into teams and then call one member from each team.
  • The challenge here is to transfer the peas from one bowl to other using the two toothpicks.
  • Players cannot prick the peas, they have to hold the peas with two toothpicks and then transfer as shown in the image above.
  • This is a one minute party game and players will get only a minute to win the challenge.

Do try this pea pick one minute kitty party game in your next kitty party and do let us know if your friends liked it or now. This is a simple one minute kitty party game can be played with any age group of ladies.

Watch The Game Video Here


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