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new tambola dividends

New Tambola Dividends. This corona lockdown has changed the meaning of Tambola games entirely. Many many groups all over the world are now playing the Tambola Games on WhatsApp, Facebook and Zoom App. While its different for everyone, I feel that playing on WhatsApp is pretty boring as compared to Facebook and Zoom because there you can actually interact with the host.

Well in this post, I am sharing some of the new Tambola Dividends I have learnt in this lockdown period, so if you are also hosting a Whatsapp tambola game in your groups, you can use them. Do leave a comment down below if you like them or if you want to add some more of such interesting Tambola Dividends

If you want to buy some interesting Tambola Tickets for your group WhatsApp Tambola Games, check out these below-

New Tambola Dividends

2-2-2 Tambola Dividend

This is the first tambola dividend I learn in this lockdown period. As it says 2-2-2 it means when any two numbers in all your three lines are cut you get this dividend. This dividend includes 6 numbers in total.

3-3-3 Tambola Dividends

This is the second new tambola dividend I learned and it means when any three numbers in all your three lines are cut you get this dividend. This dividend includes nine numbers.

4-4-4 Tambola Dividends

Just like the 3-3-3 dividend, this dividend gives you the claim when any 4 numbers form all three lines are cut in your tambola ticket. This dividend includes 12 numbers.

Pyramid- Tambola Dividend Ideas

When numbers making a pyramid on your ticket are cut. A pyramid should have at least 5 numbers to get a claim. This may be different in every ticket. Look at the image below to understand better.

new tambola dividends

Twins (Sagi Behene)/ Pairs

This dividend is called by different names in different groups. Some call it Twins, Some Pairs and some even call it Sagi Behene. This dividend has different numbers in every ticket. It is basically when all your numbers in consecutive blocks are cut. Look at the image below to understand it better.

Sauteli Behene/ Alternate

This dividend is often kept with the Twins dividend only. Here when all the numbers with one block gap are cut, you get it. See the image below for a better understanding. Again this dividend has different numbers on each ticket.


When the numbers on all corners, which basically means, kings corners+queens corner+first line+last line are cut then you get this dividend. This has a total of 7 numbers. Look at the image below to understand better.

So these were some of the new tambola dividends I have learned during this corona phase of life. Do let me know if you have some more interesting ones.

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