Different Theme Tambola Tickets : Cricket Theme/Musical Theme/ India Theme


Gone are the days when we used the play the tambola game with the regular tambola tickets and the boards. Today we have many vendors making the different theme tambola tickets and also many apps where we can generate and call out the tambola numbers. We don’t really need the physical trambola board and the numbers today to play the game.

I have recently designed a few theme tambola tickets for my online live tambola game on my Facebook page. Today I am sharing some of my recently designed theme tambola tickets. 

Different Theme Tambola Tickets

Musical Tambola Game

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This is the musical tambola game tickets where the dividends are pretty simple. We actually gave some musical names to the regular dividends. The only different dividend I added was the Geetmala wherein the player has to cut all the songs written on the ticket. Every ticket has 5 different songs written and I had all the songs written on paper. I was singing one song randomly after every number and when all five songs are cut you get Geetmala. We kept 5 Geetmala dividends wherein 5 members won it one by one. This tambola suits your Antakshari Kitty Party.

  1. Geetmala- When all songs are cut
  2. Sur- First Line
  3. Sargam- Second Line
  4. Taal- Third Line
  5. 1st House- Main Sureela
  6. 2nd House- Main bhi sureela
  7. 3rd House- Bathroom Singer
  8. 4th House- Main Besura.

The condition in this game was that every member who gets a dividend has to call me and sing a song to get the prize.

Cricket Theme Tambola Games

Corona has cancelled the IPL this year but our own Kitty Premier League 🙂 This was our Cricket theme tambola game for my Facebook page. The dividends of this game are all written in the ticket itself. If you have the IPL Theme Kitty Party, you can get these tambola tickets for your kitty party.
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I Love My India Theme Tambola Game

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Dividends of tambola

  1. India Gate- When all numbers with India Gate picture are cut
  2. Laal Quila- When all numbers with Laal Quila picture are cut
  3. Tiranga- When all numbers with flag picture are cut
  4. First Line- Kesaria
  5. Second Line- Safed
  6. Third Line- Hara
  7. First House- Mera Bharat Mahan
  8. Second House- Vande Mataram
  9. Third House- I Love My India

This India theme tambola ticket suits your Independence Theme Kitty Party and Republic Day Theme Kitty Party. 

Sajna Hai Mujhe Theme Tambola Game

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Dividends Of Tambola

  1. Laal Bindi- When all numbers with red Bindi are cut
  2. Neeli Bindi- When all numbers with blue Bindi are cut
  3. Hari Bindi- When all numbers with Green Bindi are cut
  4. Mehandi- First Line
  5. Kangan- Second Line
  6. Payal- Third Line
  7. First House- Solah Singaar
  8. Second House- Sajna Ka Pyar
  9. Third House- Adhura Pyar
  10. Fourth House- Tu Rehne De Yaar

This tambola game suits your Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party. 

These are some of my own designed tambola tickets which I sell for 20 Rs per ticket. Do let me know if you want to buy any of them via comments or also let me know if you want me to design the ticket in any other theme.

Also if you want to join us for the Online Live Tambola game, please head over to my Facebook Page Kitty Groups Online. 



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