Best Tambola Ideas For WhatsApp Tambola

whatsapp tambola ideas

WhatsApp tambola Ideas. This lockdown has changed the scenario of the ladies kitty party completely and now we can see every group playing the tambola online on WhatsApp, Zoom or Facebook app. Even the corporate houses are conducting the Online WhatsApp Tambola Games for their employees in this tough time of lockdown and Quarantine.

WhatsApp Tambola Ideas

As I have been getting many requests to share some WhatsApp tambola Ideas, I decided to do a post on this. In this post, I am sharing all my ideas of WhatsApp Tambola Games which I have been playing with my groups online.

Bikini Tambola Bikini whatsapp tambola ideas

This is the ladies’ special tombola which we recently played in our WhatsApp group and it was super hilarious with some super naughty dividends. We also added a few surprise naughty questions in between the tambola game which made it even more fun and full of laughter. There were also a few challengers given to the playing members in the WhatsApp group for which the winner got the cash prizes.

Cricket TambolaTicketswhatsapp tambola ideas

This is again one of our latest Whatsapp tambola ideas. This game had al the dividends on the cricket theme and it also included the cricket quiz in between the tambola games. The winner of each quiz got the cash prize along with the tambola dividends.

Chai Biscuit Tambola Game Ideas

This looks simple but was again a very nice and interesting tambola game with the ladies in my WhatsApp group. We played some games related to biscuits in this WhatsApp Tambola Session. Also there was the one minute game challenge and some surprize quiz related to the theme.

I Love My India Tambola

games for groups
games for groups

Apart from playing in your WhastApp Tambola group, you can also play this tambola game in your republic day theme kitty party or the upcoming Independence Day Theme Kitty Party. The dividends in this tambola game were- Flag, India Gate, Laal Quila and Houses. We give the names to the dividends as per the theme.

All these WhatsApp Tambola Game Tickets are available for sale in the form of soft copies. These are prices at the rate of 30 Rs per ticket. Do let me know via comments if you want to place your order for any of your Lockdown SPECIAL WhatsApp Tambola.

Also, do watch my game videos at Kitty Groups Online to understand my game ideas better. Do let me know via comments how did you like my new WhatsApp Tambola Ideas.


  1. Hi Shiwangi…
    I have a group of family and friends around 100+
    Can you give me the best themes for playing Tambola on Whatsapp….


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