Kids Game for Summers: Marble Race

kids game for summers

Summers are here and if you have a kids party at home, you might be looking for some funny and interesting kids game for summers. Marble Race is a nice, simple yet interesting game for kids. However, this game can also be played in the ladies kitty party or in baby showers.

Things Required

To play this game with kids in your party, you need tubs, water, ice and marbles

How to play Marble Race game with kidskids game for summers

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If you have too many kids in your party, it would be better to divide them into teams first. Now call one member from each team to play this game. If you have enough space and tubs, you can play this game with 4-5 kids simultaneously or else call them one by one to play this game. This is a one minute party game and kids would get only a minute to win it.

  • Call the kids in your party to the playing area.
  • Fill the tub with water and ice and add the marbles to it.
  • The challenge is to pick the marbles from the tub using toes.
  • The kids are not allowed to use their hands.
  • The child who manages to pick maximum number of marbles in one minute will be the winner of this game.

Keep a clean towel near the tub to keep the marbles. Also, make sure the water is chilled as it will make it difficult for the kids to pick the marbles. More is the ice, tougher would be the challenge. This is also a suitable party game for teens or adults. The image, however, explains the game very well, but you can ask me if you have any doubts in this summer game for kids.



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