Cupid Arrow: Fun Game For Kids

fun game for kids

Cupid Arrow is a nice, simple and fun game for kids and best suitable for any kind of parties which involve kids, may it be a birthday party, an Easter party, Christmas party or anything else. You can play it individually with every child or can divide them into teams and call one child from each team to play the game.

Things required to play Cupid Arrow

You need the ear buds, straws and big sized bowls to play this game with the kids in your party.

How to play the Fun game for kidsfun game for kids

  • Call the kids to the playing area and make them stand in a row.
  • Give them a straw each and around 10 buds.
  • Make a start and finish line before you start the game.
  • Keep a large bowl at the finish line.
  • The challenge for kids is to blow the bud through the straw in such a way that it lands in the bowl.
  • Each child will get 10-15 chances and the kid who put maximum number of buds in the bowl will be the winner of the game or will bag a point for his team

Make sure that you buy the big diameter straw so that the buds can easily be pushed through them. This is a nice birthday party game and may suit all aged kids, may it be a boy or a girl. Even, toddlers may enjoy playing this game.

Hope the game is clear to you all and if you have any doubt, feel free to ask me through the comment box below. Cupid Arrow is a very nice game to be played in Easter parties and Christmas parties, do try them this year and let me know how your kids liked it. Do keep some interesting prizes for the game to entice the kids.



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