Silly Party Games Teens : Perfectly Silly

Silly party games teens
Source: erockertorres

Teens party has to be fun and what else can be more fun than the silly party games teens. If you are throwing a party for your teenager kids, you must select some really silly party games and ideas to make it more of fun and hilarity.

Silly Party Games Teens

Cheese Balls On The Face

Silly party games teens
Source: erockertorres

This is one of the silliest party game I ever heard of. Got to know about this silly party idea while browsing over the web and I couldn’t resist my self sharing this game here and enlisting it in my list of silly party games teens. For playing this game you have to divide your players into teams.

Call one member from the team in the playing area. One of them will put the shaving foam on his face and other will throw the cheese balls on his face from a set distance. The number of cheese balls stuck on the shaving foam on the face will be the score of the team. The team with higher score will win the game but obvious.

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Open Your Mouth Ha Ha Ha

This one is even more hilarious and obviously one of the funniest and silly party games teens. In this game you have to couple up your guess, or you can call two players from a team. One of them will stand up on a chair and other will lie down on floor with her/his face against chair’s legs. Give a cup of juice/shake/puree to the boy standing on the chair and keep an empty cup on his forehead. The challenge is to aim the puree/shake or juice to cup on his forehead.

Isn’t that silly? Yes it is but is also funny at the same time. It will be a super fun for the spectators. The winners are the couple with the most of the shake/juice/puree in the cup.



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