Holi Kitty Tambola Tickets For Sale: Holi Kitty Party Games


A kitty party is incomplete without the Tambola game. And when it is a theme party, we all want the special theme tambola tickets for our kitty party. Its the month of March and everyone will throw the Holi theme kitty party and thus we need the special Holi Kitty Tambola Tickets too.

Today I am sharing an exclusive range of Holi Tambola Tickets for your Holi theme kitty party. These tickets are available for sale at a different price. Do check out the tickets and let me know via comments if you want to place an order.

You can also place your order via WhatsApp on this number- 8755801306

Holi kitty tambola tickets

Bucket and Pichkari Holi Kitty Tambola Tickets

holi kitty tambola ticket

Rs 30 per ticket

3D Holi Kitty Tambola Tickets


Rs 100 per ticket

Pichkari Tambola Ticket

Rs 25 per ticket

Trishape Holi Tambola Ticket

Rs 30 per ticket

All these tickets are available for sale and you can place your order via comments or via WhatsApp. Also, make sure you place your order at least 1 week before your kitty party so that we can dispatch your packet on time and it reaches you on time. There is no COD available and we deliver the product only after receiving the payments.

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Also, if you are worried about the strong Holi colors and the skin infections, this post on How to remove Holi Colors might help you a bit. These are all tried and tested tips and tricks and will certainly help you get rid of the harmful Holi colors.

Do let me know if you have any specific games ideas for the Holi theme kitty party and I would love to share them on my blog under your name. You can share your ideas via email…shoot me an email at shiwangi23p@gmail.com



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