Kitty Party Games For Holi- Best Holi Games


Its March and most of my friends must be searching for the kitty party games for Holi. Not just the kitty parties but the club Holi celebrations and the Holi mela things in societies are so much to happen in this month. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite Holi Party Games which can bring the fun in your party and double the laughter quotient.

Kitty Party Games For Holikitty party games for holi

Punctuality Game for Holi kitty party

This is a quick, nice and interesting kitty party game for your Holi kitty party. To play this game, you need the gulal in various colors and dark colored balloons. Keep only one red gulal and rest other colors. Blow the balloons with gulal powder in them and give one balloon to each member who comes on time. Now ask every punctual member to burst the balloons over their heads and the one who gets Red gulal over her head will be the winner.

Watch this video below to understand the game better

Groups Game For Holi Kitty Party

So, this is a group kitty party games for Holi kitty party and you can play this game with the entire group of 20-25 ladies. To play this game you need the water balloons of different colors. Make the slips of colors of balloons you use. Now make all your members sit in a circle and give them a water balloon each. Now play the music and every member will pass on their balloons to the next members, similar to what we do in the passing the parcel game. Now when the music stops, take out one slip and the members holding that colored balloon will be out of the game. Now they have to burst their water balloon over their head and leave the game. Like this, you will play the entire round and get your winner in the end.

Watch this video to understand the game better

One Minute Holi Kitty Party Game

This is a simple yet suitable one minute game for your Holi theme kitty party. This is an individual game and you will call the members one by one to play the game. To play this game, you need a big bowl filled with gulal powder and then you have to make the slips with initials of colors name, for example, ला, ल, गु, ला, बी etc. Now keep these slips in the gulal bowl and the challenge for the members is to come one by one and take out the slips to make the colors names in one minute. The member who does the maximum number of colors in one minute will be the winner.

Watch this video to understand the game better

Holi Tambola Game For Kitty Party

I made this tambola ticket at home and you can also make it. It’s very easy and quick. You just have to make one ticket and get the photostats done or you can also download the image from here and the photocopies according to the number of members you have in your kitty party. This is a simple but very suitable tambola kitty party game for a Holi kitty party.

Watch the video below to understand the game better.

These were my favorite Holi games for kitty party. Do let me know via comments if you want to share some of your ideas here. I will be more than happy to post the games under your name.







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