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How to remove holi colours easily: Tried and Tested

how to remove holi colours easily

Holi is undoubtedly one of the most colourful and fun-filled festivals of India. While we all know that chemical based colours are harmful, we still love playing this festival with fast colours and lots of water. Being a hard-core Holi fan, I never advise anyone to stay away from Holi colours or fun. Attached are my pictures of Holi . See how badly I was colored and how clean my face is on very next day. how to remove holi colours easily

I love playing Holi and love having a tint of those different colours on my face and hands for at least a day or two, but most of the people, especially women want to get rid of those colours as soon as the festival celebration is finished. While there are no possible ways to remove the chemical based fast colours instantly but there sure are some tips which may help you removing the colours effectively. Today, in this post, we will be sharing some tips on how to remove Holi colours easily.

How to remove Holi colours easily

Be prepared in advance-

It is very important to be prepared in advance. Do not forget to apply a good amount of oil on your whole body and hair before you step out of your house or even before opening the door to any guests. To protect nails from fast and harmful colours, you better apply two coats of some dark colored nail paint before starting with your color bash.

Do not use hot water-

This is a misconception that using hot water will help you removing Holi colors fast, on the contrary, hot water fastens the colors. Use normal water to remove your colours instead of hot water.

Use Lemon to remove Holi colors

Lemon is a proven bleaching agent. Rubbing a lemon slice over your face will help to remove the dark color stains from your face. Make sure you don’t have any cuts or bruises on your face before rubbing lemon, or else it may itch you badly. Do apply a good amount of moisturizer on your face after using lemon slice.

Use Milk and Sugar

Get some milk in a bowl and mix a lot of sugar. Mix it well till the sugar gets dissolved completely. Dip a cotton and apply the milk on your face generously. Let it stand for a while and then rinse your face with normal water. Use any of your face wash after that.

Oil removes oil paint

Many people use oil paints to play Holi, which is certainly very harmful for the skin. If you have any oil paint on your face, use coconut oil or mustard oil to remove it. Use a cotton ball to apply the oil generously on your face, keep it for a while and then rinse face using any of your face wash.

Papaya Removes Blemishes

Papaya exfoliates your skin and removes blemishes and thus it can be used to remove the stubborn Holi colors from your face. Mash papaya and apply it on your face, let it stand for some 15 minutes and rinse your face using any good and mild facewash.

Do not scrub your face with soap

Using soap is already harsh for facial skin and I have seen people scrubbing soap vigorously on their face to remove the Holi colors, which is indeed very wrong.

Remove Holi Colors From Hairs

Use normal water, apply mild shampoo to remove the colors. Do not forget to apply the conditioner after shampooing. You can also apply curd or egg on your hairs to remove colour easily and nourish them.

The very important point is to be generous with your skin. Don’t be harsh. Trust me it’s perfectly fine to have those colours on your face for a day or two. It goes off gradually. 

Stay safe and have loads of fun with your friends and relatives on Holi and don’t worry much about How to remove holi colours easily.

Happy Holi in Advance. 

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  1. A very gud artice to read….very effective way to remove holi colours!! We can njoy the festival very much in this way!! Thanku for suggesting these ways….HAPPY HOLI TO U in advance!!

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