One Minute Holi Game With Gulal: Holi Kitty Party Game

one minute holi game

One Minute Holi Game With Gulal. Holi is almost there and many many of my friends are planning a Holi theme kitty party. If you too are looking for some one-minute games for your Holi kitty party, this post is just for you.

One Minute Holi Game With Gulalone minute holi party game

To play this game you don’t need anything except the Holi Gulal. Yes, you might need a table to play the game but if you don’t have a smooth table you can also play this game on the floor. This game is suitable for all age groups and thus you can play it in your own kitty party, a children’s Holi party or even a couple kitty party. You can also play this game in the Holi function in your society.

How to play one minute Holi game with Gulal

  • This is an individual game you have to call members one by one to play the game.
  • Give one gulal packet to the playing member
  • Her challenge is to make smilies on a tabletop with that Gulal in one minute.
  • The member who makes the best clean and maximum smilies in one minute will be the winner of this game.

Check out the video below to know more about this game/


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