Gujarati Theme Kitty Party : Interesting Theme For Indian Ladies

gujarati theme kitty party

Gujarati Theme Kitty Party. If there is no particular occasion  and you still want to throe a theme kitty party, you can set a Gujarati theme kitty party with your friends. It is a simple yet interesting theme party idea and can be made more exciting with some funny party games and activities.

Gujarati Theme Kitty Party Ideasgujarati theme kitty party

Invitation Ideas for Gujarati Theme Kitty Party

You can have your invitations computer printed or handmade in a royal scroll form. The wordings can be- Here is an invitation, one of its kind We are throwing ‘Gujju’ party, Come, join us, drink, dance, dine and unwind.

Decoration and Dress Code for Gujarati Theme Kitty Party

You can use your old Gujrati saris and dupattas for the decoration. The party hall should be decorated in an ethnic fashion with bolsters, low lying seating arrangement, lamps, bolsters and multicoloured cushions. Ask your guests to wear traditional gujrati saris like Paneter and Gharchola.

Games and Activities For Gujarati Theme Kitty Party

Paper Game

This is a paper game where members have to guess the common Gujarati sentences in one minute.

paper party game gujarati theme kitty party

Trivia quiz

You can ask the guests to answer several interesting questions about gujrat, gujrati serials, ask them to sing gujrati songs etc and give away the prizes for each correct answer or task performed in the right manner.

Team Game For Gujarati Theme Kitty Party

This is a team game. Write some funny and interesting scenes from the serials based on Gujrat like ‘Enact a scene from ‘Kyoonki Saas Bhi Kabhi ..,including Tulsi, Maa and Mihir or ‘Sarabhai versus Sarabhai’, between Monisha and Indravadan etc. Let each team choose a chit and perform. The best performance shall win a prize. There are so many popular serials about Gujratis being aired and the characters are also very popular. I don’t think that the guests will have any difficulty in acting like Dayaben, Baa or Gattu. You may also ask them to make a Gujrati bride/bridegroom from their team with whatever stuff they have. The best Gujrati couple, wins.

Eviction and Inclusion

For this game, you need to have a lot of space and a platform. Divide the platform into 4 halves with the help of a chalk. Name all the 4 squares like ABCD OR 1234. Ask the guests to dance to the tune of Gujrati music and keep moving all around the floor. Play the DJ for the evening, stop the music randomly and ask the guests dancing on any one square to evict. Start the music again, stop and ask the evicted guests wearing spectacles to join back. You can keep evicting and including guests on the following lines-
1. Guests with anklets on . 2. Guests with Ties . 3. Guests with vermillion put on forehead 4. Guests with green bangles There can be so many interesting ideas ,if you give wings to your creative imagination. Continue the game till you have a winner .

Gujarati Celebs

This is a paper game. You can ask the guests to write the names of all the big and small characters from a famous Gujrati serial like Kyoonki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. The guest who writes the maximum number of characters wins. The time limit should be of 5 minutes.

Rangoli Competition

Rangoli has a great important in Gujarati religion and thus keeping a rangoli competition goes well with the theme. Call a member from each team and give them rangoli colors, Ask theme to make as many rangoli as they can in one minute time. The team with maxium rangolis will win the game.

Menu Ideas For Gujarati Theme Kitty Party

Have a lot of milk and yoghurt based dishes in your menu. Gujarat is known as the land of milk and butter, and thus yoghurt and buttermilk are an integral part of most of Gujrati dishes .The main dish of Gujarati cuisine is the khichdi which is eaten with with kadhi. Some other types of Gujarati Menus include Achaari Paneer, Alu Kachori, Bohri Chicken, Dalcha, Doodh Pak, Gujarati Green Beans, Gujarati Tuvar Dal, Khaman Dhokla, Khandvi, Makai Ka Dhokla, Methi Kadhi, Papaya Chutney, Patra Bhajia, Sprouted Mung and so on to name a few.



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