Amitabh Bachhan Theme Party Ideas

amitabh bachchan theme party

Amitabh Bachhan Theme Party. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Yes it is a nice and interesting theme party idea especially for Bachhan fans. Yes, Ladies and gentlemen, you can consider Mr Amitabh Bachchan or any other superstar as a theme for your next party .

Amitabh Bachhan Theme Party Ideas

amitabh bachchan theme party

Invitation Ideas For Amitabh Bachchan Theme Party

The invitations can be computer printed with the photo of Big B in the background. The invitation wordings can be – Mighty and mightier than all the Khans’ pride, Whose fame hastravelled in the world, far and wide, Huge reservoir of talent, He is the star of the millennium, We are hosting The Amitabh Bachchan theme party, All of you must come.

Decoration and Dress Code Ideas For Amitabh Bachhan Theme Party

Make collages of pictures of Big B from the magazines and hang them on the walls or display on boards. You make corners depicting various movies of Amitabh Bachchan like place some cards and dice on a table to give the look of the movie ‘Teen Patti’ or some items like a hat, a stick etc to represent the movie ‘Jadugar’ etc. Put on your thinking caps and make your party hall take your guests on planet Amitabh. Ask your guests to come dressed as various characters from the Bachchan movies.

Games and Activities For Amitabh Bachhan Theme Party

Movie Trivia : Before the party, make up lots of trivia questions about Amitabh movies that your guests will have seen. Give away prizes for each correct answer. You may also have it in a paper game form. Write certain famous dialogues of Mr.Bachchan from his various movies and let the guests guess and write the names of the movies.

Starring role : Divide guests into teams and ask your guests to act like Amitabh in the movies of some other Amitabh in 3 idiots, Amitabh in Gadar or Amitabh in Darr. Teams then have 15 minutes to rehearse their scene. Give away the prizes to the winners in categories like Best Script, Best Actor, Best Actress, Most Entertaining, Most Original, Best Overall Movie, etc.

Other Activity Suggestions : You may have a Dumb Charades or Pictionary game pertaining to the movies of Amitabh. You may also have a dance competition on Amitabh’s songs amongst your guests.

I am a big bachchan fan, so planned Amitabh Bachhan theme party idea, you can arrange such party for any Bollywood super star. Do hit the like button if you like my theme party ideas and games. Also feel free to share your ideas and games here in my website.

Keep Partying 🙂



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