Indian Themed Birthday Party

Indian themed birthday party

Indian-themed birthday parties are popular for kids’ birthdays and the guests can have a lot of fun to plan and attend because of the designs, exotic feel, bright colors, and fun filled games and activities. If you want to make your kid’s Indian themed birthday party a great hit, enjoyable and memorable, check out the simple birthday party ideas-

Indian Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Indian themed birthday party

Decoration Ideas for Indian Themed Birthday Party

This is a simple birthday party theme and you don’t have to spend a lot. You can use the bright colored fabric to decorate the party hall, you can also use the Indian sarees, Indian paintings , handmade artifacts etc. to make your hall attractive. Using the flowers like marigold, lotus and golden ropes for decoration can also be a nice idea. You can also place the statues and pictures of Indian Gods and Goddesses.

Playing the Indian soundtracks in the entire party will also go well with the Indian themed birthday party.

Dress code for Indian Themed Birthday Party

Ask your guests to come in the Indian attire, they can choose Indian saris or Indian suits. Men can wear Indian sherwanis to go well with the theme.

Menu Ideas for Indian Themed Birthday Party

As we are talking about the Indian theme, the food items should also be completely Indian. Indian snacks like samosa, pakode etc can be served as starters and Indian curries can be included in main course.

Games and Activities For Indian Themed Birthday Party

Color Indian Flags- This can be a nice activities for the kids in the party. Bring them some Indian flags and colors and ask them to color the flag. This could be take-home gift for the kids.

Jewelry Making – This can be an activity for the girls in the party. Give them the supplies like beads, wires, needles, etc and ask them to make the Indian jewelry items.

Indian Map- Give the political maps of India to the teams and they will get one minute to fill in states. The team filling maximum right states will win the point for this game. This is however not difficult for the kids to fill up the Indian map.

Word Search Game- This is a simple word search game where the players have to search for the words related to the Republic Day. The words could be any National Word or it could also be the name of a National Leader. Just get the copies ready according to the strength of your kitty party and distribute the sheets. This game should not take more than one minute and thus you can also call it as a one minute party game.WORD SEARCH GAMES REPUBLIC DAY

The ten words hidden in the grid are-

  1. Republic
  2. President
  3. Flag
  4. Nehru
  5. Patel
  6. Ambedkar
  7. Anthem
  8. Jan Man Gan
  9. Parade
  10. Bapu


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