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Halloween Party Ideas: Fear With Fun

Halloween party ideas

Planning to host a Halloween party but aren’t sure where  to start? Don’t worry this blog post with some interesting and fun Halloween party ideas will help you in planning a scary and interesting Halloween Party. It is important to make the party scary as well as entertaining at the same time. These ideas will help you with your Halloween decoration, Halloween Party Games and Halloween Food Ideas.

Fun Halloween Party Ideas

The first thing to do in a Halloween party is to create a scary ambiance. You can decorate your house with some bloody hands and fingers, floating ghosts made with cheese cloth and balloons and much more. You can also give an impression of grounded kids to make the lawn scary. Take some pairs of pants and fill them with cotton or old clothes and fix them on the ground as shown in the image below.

Fun Halloween party ideas


You can also make everyone scared whenever they open the tap. Add some dark red colour in your overhead tank so that whenever anyone opens the tap they get the bloody red colored water instead of clean water.

You might need some creepy and scary earthworms for some Halloween Party Games. These can be made easily with some jelly crystals by using some straws. Just mix the jelly crystals in water, bring to boil and then fill it in the straws.

halloween party ideas 2


Eye-ball Jello Shots also serve brilliantly in the Halloween party. Your guests will surely get scared when you serve them these shots. You can use the lychee nuts to make these eyeballs. Soak them in Vodka overnight to give them an extra burst of alcoholic goodness. Use the maraschino cherries or Dot candies to make the pupil on eyeballs.

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Halloween Party Games and Ideas

Homemade Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween party ideas


You can serve the Halloween theme based food items to make the Halloween party even scarier. Some of the very popular Halloween food ideas include Radioactive Fruit Punch, Fingers shaped sausages and Zombie Brains.

Halloween food ideas brains

Do try these Fun Halloween Party Ideas in your Halloween party this year and let us know how your friends, family and relatives liked them. Also feel free to share your own Halloween Party games and Ideas via comments.

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