Bobbing Apples: Fun Halloween Party Game Teenagers

fun Halloween party game teens

‘Pick the apples’ is a very popular game and suits best as a fun Halloween party game for teenagers. To make it more relevant to the theme, you can ask the guests to pick the apples with the scary Dracula teeth on or make them blindfolded. You can also add some blood red colored liquid instead of plain water or adding the glow sticks in water may also create a scary Halloween effect.

Fun Halloween Party Game

fun Halloween party game teens

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Things Required

You need a tub full of water of fake blood and many apples for this game. Add some fake fingers, hands and fake eyeballs in the water to make it creepy and scary.

How to Play

This game seems to be kiddish, but is a great fun and interesting activity when played with teens. Set a big barrel on a smooth surface and fill it with red fake blood water and add some fake fingers, hand and earthworms to make it look creepy and scary. Now, float few fresh apples into water of barrel and calls the teens in the party one by one to play the game. The challenge is to pick the apples up, without using their hands or others’ help. The one who will pick more apples within one minute will be the winner of the game. This is a one-minute fun Halloween party game and thus, the participants will get a minute to win it.

Do try this Fun Halloween Party Game in your Halloween party with teens this year and let us know how your teen guests liked it.


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