Radioactive Festive Punch: Halloween Party Food Idea

Halloween party food idea

If you are planning a Halloween party at your home this year, do make the radioactive festive punch; the perfect Halloween Party Food. The perfect drink for the guests with a scary look, what else one can look for in a Halloween party. It is an easy to make fruit punch and is best suitable for Halloween parties at home.

Halloween Party Food Idea: Radioactive Punch

Halloween party food idea

Things Required:

  • Orange juice
  • Mountain Dew
  • Blue KOOL-AID
  • Playtex gloves
  • Food coloring (optional)

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How to Make Festive Radioactive Punch 

You have to start the preparation a day before. Take the playtex gloves and fill them with red colored juice or water. Freeze it overnight till the liquid gets the perfect shape of a hand. On the party day, take a big glass bowl and add the liquid ingredients like Orange Juice, Mountain Dew, Kool-Aid drink (you can also use some other blue colored mocktail drink). You can also use red colored mocktails.

Take the gloves out of the freezer and peel off the gloves carefully without breaking the frozen hand. Now float these frozen hands in the bowl of the radioactive fruit punch. Do try this recipe of Halloween Party Food Idea in your Halloween party this year, and let us know how your guests, friends and family liked it. Look for more of Halloween Recipes at Fun Family Education. 


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