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10 Best Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween is all about having fun with friends and family. It becomes such a fun holiday event because it comes with too many creative things to do, may it be the creative Halloween costumes, Halloween party decorations, Halloween party games or Halloween food ideas. Below are the 10 best Halloween food ideas which will leave your guests’ mouth wide-opened.

Best Halloween Food Ideas

Halloween Finger Food

Halloween Food Ideas
Source: Jojoebi Designs

You can make the Halloween finger food with the mini sausages, use white onion for the nail and tomato ketchup for the blood coming out of the nail. Just cut the sausages in the shape of a human finger and also make the knuckles with knife. Boil them in salt water, pour some ketchup at finger tip and add a piece of white onion as nail. Source: Jojoebi Designs

Halloween Sugary Spider

Halloween food ideas sugary spider
Source: Sugar free kids

The spider legs are made using Nori sheets coated with a sweet mix and decorated with sesame seeds. The sheets are baked in an oven and then laid on the strawberries which are used for making the spider’s body. Check the complete recipe at Sugar Free Kids.

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Zombie brains

Halloween food ideas brains
source: Wiki How

These zombie brains are made with the liquor and gelatin. You just have to boil the gelatin in liquor instead of water and set it the brain-shaped moulds. For filling, you can use fresh raspberries cut into tiny pieces or you can use granulated sugar. Check the complete recipe of Zombie Brains Here. Here. 

Eye Ball Eggshalloween food ideas

These scary eyeballs are made from boiled eggs. You can use the edible colour to make the eyes and red colour for eye muscles. Check the recipe HereHere.

 Creepy Jello Worms

These creepy worms are made using the gelatin. Unbelievable isn’t it? Yes, you can make these jello worms and scare your guests in Halloween party. To make these worms all you need is Raspberry jello, unflavored gelatin, whipping cream, water, food colour and flexible straws. Check the complete recipe Here.

These were my best Halloween food ideas. Try them in your Halloween Party this year and do let us know how your friends and family liked them.

Happy Halloween 🙂

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