Feetza Tower: Funny Game for Big Groups

funny game for big groups

Feetza Tower is a nice and funny game for big groups. It suits to all kind of parties including the birthday parties, office parties, ladies kitty parties of the family reunion.

Funny Game for Big Groupsfunny game for big groups

Things Required:

You don’t need anything to play this game, yes you heard it right. This game needs no preparation or materials.

How to Play Feetza Tower with Big Groups

  • You first have to divide your guests into teams for this game.
  • The challenge for the teams is to build a tower with their footwears.
  • They can use the footwear in any way but the challenge is to make a long tower.
  • The team which makes the highest tower will be the winning team.

This game is a nice and suitable birthday party game as the kids would love to mess with the footwear and make a tower out of it.

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