Balloon Shaving: Fun Party Game for Girls

fun party game for girls

Balloon Shaving is a very nice, interesting and fun party game for girls, however you can play it with men too. This game is best suitable for the parties like office parties, teen birthday party games, ladies kitty party games and many more.

Fun Party Game for Girls:Balloon Shavingfun party game for girls

Things Required: You need balloons, black markers, shaving cream and shaving razors to play this game in your party.

How to Play Fun Party Game Balloon Shaving

  • Call the girls to the play area all together.
  • Give them one balloon, marker, shaving cream gel and a razor each.
  • The challenge for girls here is to first make a face on the balloon, apply the shaving cream in beard area and then shave the balloon using razors.

You can also play this as a team game. Divide your guests into teams and then call one member from each team to play this game. You can also change it a bit and remove the face making thing from the game. You can call each member and ask  them to apply the shaving cream over the entire balloon and then shave it using the razor. The member who shaves the balloon properly and in minimum time will be the winner. You can also use whipped cream instead of shaving cream if you want.

Note: Using water balloons will double the fun of this fun party game for girls.

Shaving is a manly thing and thus this game will be interesting to be played with girls rather than men. Make sure you give them new and sharp razors so that the risk of balloon bursting is higher.

More are the burst, greater is the fun. Do hit the like button if you like the game idea and also feel free to leave the comments below if you have any kind of doubts in this game or other kitty party games in my blog. I am right here to solve your queries.

Till then have fun.

Happy Kittying 🙂

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