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September 17, 2019

Diwali Party Games

diwali kitty party game ladies

Boat Candle Race: Diwali Kitty Party Game

Boat Candles race is a simple but funny Diwali kitty party game. Have you every heard that the floating candles can not just make a beautiful centerpiece for your tables or swimming pools but also can serve in the entertainment in your Diwali theme kitty party. October is often the month of festivals in India […]

Bangles and Candles: Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game

October has already started and ladies might be looking for some interesting Diwali kitty party games. Today I am sharing a simple yet interesting Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game to be played with bangles and candles. Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Game This Diwali party game has to be played with candles and bangles. You can […]

ladies kitty diwali party games

Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games

It is a festive season of Navratri and Diwali and Indian ladies, usually, want to plan some interesting Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games in their kitty party. Playing some interesting festive games actually double the fun of festivities and so I am sharing a few Diwali Party Games today here in my blog which may suit best to […]

diwali games for kitty party

Diwali Games For Kitty Party

It’s September and Indian ladies might be busy looking for the Diwali games for kitty party. I usually get too many emails and messages from the readers to post some written party games for kitty parties and now when its the season of Diwali, I am sharing an interesting Diwali game for kitty party. This […]

card games diwali celebrations

Cards Games For Diwali Celebrations

Card games diwali celebrations. Playing cards has a specific significance in diwali celebrations and there is a mythological reasoning behind that. Indian mythology says that Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva used to play the cards and gambling games on Diwali. It is believed that Goddess Paravati one declared that whosoever will win in gambling on […]