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September 18, 2019

Diwali Party Games

Best Game For Diwali Kitty Party

Diwali  Games . In the month of October ladies usually prefer keeping a diwali theme kitty party. It is always very easy to throw a Diwali kitty party, because you have many items to decorate your party hall, you have many ideas for menu items plus you have many ideas of diwali games. If you are […]

Word Search Game for Diwali Kitty Party

If you are a party lover, you might be looking for some interesting diwlai party ideas. October is the Diwali month and we Indians love to arrange the diwali party with our friends, family and in offices. Any party is incomplete without some interesting party games and same is the thing with Diwali theme parties. Whether […]

Party Games for Diwali Theme Kitty Party

Diwali party games is the term used by most of the Indian ladies this month . Diwali is almost here and many of the Indian ladies would be planning to throw a diwali theme kitty party this month or next month. One minute party games are the best mode of entertainment for the Indian kitty parties […]