Funny Couple Party Game: Marshmallow Toss


Today I am sharing another interesting and crazy funny couple party game, Marshmallows Toss. This is a simple yet interesting game and can double the fun quotient in your kitty party for sure. You can also play this game with kids in a birthday party. I found this game over the web played with kids but found it suitable enough for the couple parties also.

Marshmallow Toss: Crazy Funny Couple Party Game

crazy and funny couple party game
Source: Crazy Cub Masters

Things Required

  • Ice Cream Cones
  • Marshmallows
  • Chairs

How To Play

  • Call the couples to the play area and make the wives stand on the chair.
  • Ask the husband to lie down on the floor in a way that their faces are upwards towards wives’ chairs.
  • Husbands have to hold the ice cream cones in their mouth and wives will have the packet of marshmallows.
  • The challenge for wives is to throw the marshmallows direct into the ice cream cones in husband’s mouth.
  • This is a one minute funny couple party game and the couple who gets maximum number of marshmallows in the cone in one minute will be the winner of this game.
  • You can do it vice versa also and make the wives lie down on the floor and husbands standing on the chair.
  • This is a very crazy funny couple party game and doubles the fun and laughter quotient in your party.

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