Money Tissue: Fun Party Games For Couples

fun party games for couples

This is one of the simplest fun party games for couples in the party. The best thing is that you do not need to do any homework for this game, neither you need to collect more items for the game.

You just need a few tissue papers and many coins to play this game in your kitty party. However, this is a couple party game, you can also keep it in your ladies kitty party and call two member from a team to play the game.

How To Play Money Tissue: Fun Party Games For Couplesfun party games for couples

Call two members from one team, may it be the ladies or the couples. Give them a tissue paper each and many coins. This is a one-minute game and the challenge for the couple is to stack as many coins as they can on the tissue paper. The twist here is that they have to hold the tissue paper in their mouths. The image above says it all.

The couple or the team has to hold the tissue paper in their mouths and stack the coins one by one over it. They will get a minute to complete this challenge. The couple who stacks the maximum number of coins will be the winner of this game.


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