Holiday Office Party Games

office party games

Holiday Office Party Games. Looking for some holiday office party games to keep in stock for the next office event? Go through the following article to get some of the best and most entertaining holiday office party games. 

Office party games are really a whole lot of fun, not just because they get you to interact with your colleagues outside the formal and professional environment, but they also bring you closer and improve relations. The following are some of the office party games that you can use in your upcoming office parties. 

5 Best Holiday Office Party Games

1. The Banana Game To play this party game for groups, first of all divide the members in two teams. You can make three or four teams also according to the strength of your office party. Make the teams lie down on the floor making a line. Tell them to lie down so as one’s head almost touches other’s feet. Now give one banana to each team and they have to pass the banana to the member behind using their feet. Even if they drop the banana in between they can pick it up again but without using their hands. They have to use only their feet to pick and pass the bananas. The team managed to drop the banana first to the finish line with this funny party game. 

groups banana game party games

2. Can you handle the carrot- This is my one my favourites and one of the best office party games. It is an individual game and you can call all the players together to play this game. If you have divided the guests in teams, you can call one member from each team to play this party game. There is no time limit in this game and it is more like a race. Call the members and make them stand in a line with a carrot hung to their waists. Now below the standing members, keep empty milk bottle. You can also use the small mouthed glasses for this game if you cannot arrange the bottles. This is one of the most hilarious party games in my lists. Now when the game begins, the members have to insert the carrot into the bottle/glass completely. The member doing it first will win the game. If the number of guests in your office party are more, you better divide them into teams to make it easily manageable and time saving. 

Handle The Carrot



3. Try Being an Elephant- You might need a few stockings for this game and a few plastic bottles. Call the players one by one to play this party game and ask them to wear the stocking over their head as shown in the picture below. Place a ball in the end of the stocking before they get it onto their head. 

fun family party games

Place few bottles filled with water on the ground. You can also use the empty bottles for this party game, but they are lighter and easier to drop down. This is a one minute party game, and thus the player gets the time limit of one minute where he/she has to hit ball with the trunk made with stockings. The player who hit and drop the maximum number of bottles will win this party games.

4. Egg Roll- Keep the eggs on the floor and at a set distance make a target circle. It must be several feet apart or you can change it according to the age group of your kitty party members. Now the member coming to play the game will get the time span of one minute to roll the eggs into the target circle. Its not that simple. The player has to use the pizza box as a fan and move the eggs with the air of that fan. As a variation, you can also set it as to roll the egg with the nose. This increases the fun quotient of thisparty game. The player has to move the eggs from its set place to the target circle by fanning the pizza box. When the timer of one minute is finished all the three eggs must be static in the target circle to get the prize.

Funny Easter Games For Adults


5. Stack the candies- To arrange this party game in any of your parties, you need many square shaped candies and ice-cream sticks. If you can manage you can call 8-10 players together to play this game or else you can call them one by one. This is a one minute party game and every player will get one minute to stack the candies on the ice-cream sticks. Players will hold the ice-cream stick in their mouths and stack the candies on it. The member who manages to balance maximum number of candies on the stick will be the winner of this party game.

office party games


These were the 5 best holiday office party games for your office parties. An office party is no just the time employees can be given a chance to have some fun but it also helps elevating company morale. When a company and its employees work together and spend quality time in office parties and play funny office party games they genuinely get to know one another, it definitely brings progress their way.



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