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Baby Shower Game Ideas : Feed the baby

baby shower games

Baby Shower Game Ideas. This is one of the funniest baby shower games I have ever played in any baby shower parties. The best part of this baby shower game is that it involve both men and women equally. The couple will play this baby shower game all together.

Baby Shower Game Ideas For Couples

Well, you have to do a bit of homework for this baby shower game. Before the guests start coming in your baby shower party make a cartoon of a baby in diaper on a board or a hard chart paper. Cut the face area so as the player can wear it like a mask.

The picture below will help you learn it more. baby shower games for party

Now when the baby shower game begins, call the couples one by one. One of the partners will now feed the other. Couples can decide if husband will feed or the wife will do that. Well usually husbands stand behind the board and wives feed them the dish. Make sure that the dish is a semi-liquid food. You can some kind of deserts.

baby shower game ideas

The husband will wear the cartoon pic as a mask and the wife will be blindfolded. Now she will feed him with spoons. You can play it as a one minute party game and decide which couple finish maximum number of spoons. Declare them the winner for this baby shower game.

The pictures say it all and I hope you won’t have any doubt regarding this game. But as I always say, you can leave a comment below in the comment box if you want to ask or say anything about this game. Remember I am just a comment away from you all.


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  1. V.nyc games.. I m planning a party for new born baby . Kindly suggest some games or tambola for preganent ladies

  2. Hi, Can you please tell me, how you got those pictures of the babies. I am looking for those and maybe stick them on a cardboard and cut out the face of it. Thank you

      1. Hi Shiwangi, I’m planning to give my friend a baby shower and throw some fun games. I like your idea, where can I get a thsee cartoon picture? Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. The games sounds like fun..did i miss something…are they supposed to guess the foods correctly is this how the couple wins…

    1. Thanks Lisa 🙂 the game is to finish the food without spilling it. The couple who does it best will win but yeah I liked your idea, we can keep it that way too.

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